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  2. The simple answer should be yes. This season really does depend on on the LOS. Are our first round picks gonna live up to expectations and are our former first rounds picks (Takk and Vic) finally gonna play up to expectations. If both happens or maybe even one, I see no reason as to why we won’t be legit contenders.
  3. lol k ***Spoiler Alert*** You're not
  4. I’m definitely right on this topic. But I’m done discussing it cause it’s pissing me off If y’all don’t think team meetings, positional meetings, review of previous day’s tape to make correction, basic installation, 7 on 7, 11 on 11 are essential then I guess I’m confused. i guess I’m more old school. The more times you can get your team together, the better off you are
  5. The offense scored exactly ONE time in the 1st qtr. Weens ran a kick off back in the 2nd and that’s how we got 14. After that GB scored. Then scored again on a pick 6.
  6. I don't think cap's head right...he was claiming I was complaining about Julio taking plays off which also never happened lol. Hard to keep all the lies straight in the head sometimes.
  7. I tell ya.. Haskins impressed me very much.. before learning about him ,, I didn't know how much upside he had.. I was shocked to find out what a gifted player he is.. that's why I made this post... Shocking to me that he went 2nd.. QB.
  8. A lot of great kids out there, Millennials included. I know some that are doing very well in life. The injustice is telling them they will never have anything in life, telling them even if they work hard it's futile, and to top it off, they only have 12 years to live. I mean JFC, stay away from "those people" they are setting you up for failure.
  9. Really doing out on a limb their, cap.
  10. We only lead on that possession. GB came right back and scored every time. We tied more than lead. Couldn’t stop GB at all. Then the pick 6 killed the game before half. Matt has already thrown another pick to Jenkins in the end zone. 2 picks by half.
  11. That's cool, as long as we both agree you are wrong
  12. No cherry picking here
  13. Ok. We will simply agree to disagree
  14. The next post I said the 1st qtr. we never held a substantial lead. 7 points was all we ever lead. Then GB would tie it right back up. We never made them punt one time.
  15. Cherry picked stats are the best stats
  16. like if millennials are rejecting your market-based ideology at some greater level than their predecessors, perhaps there's some underlying material reason? what if the results promised by your ideology didn't actually pan out? nah, it's cause those dumb millennials are doing it wrong. capitalism cannot fail.
  17. You said they never led in the game
  18. Compare what they are doing in OTA's to what they do in TC and it's night and day. Then compare OTA's to preaseason and it's super night and day. Compare OTA's to season practices and it's not even a comparison. They do nothing "essential" at all.
  19. Agreed, Thomas is overrated to me tho
  20. You, Part of the you didn't build that crowd... Keep believing in that philosophy and you'll be asking me for a spare room in one of my houses.
  21. You’re not wrong. We led or tied until 8:00 to halftime
  22. I just said that. It was 7-0 in the FIRST qtr. it was 28-7 in the second. Including a pick 6 to end the half.
  23. Let's talk about it, cap. First, to refresh your memory: We had a 7-0 lead after the first quarter...Packers scored only a couple minutes into Q2. We were never really nursing any lead due to being ahead so that is false. *My mistake, it was 35-14 after half in favor of GB. Why we couldn't run the ball... Fat and overused Mike Turner Justin Blalock Sam Baker Old and busted Todd McClure Harvey Dahl Big and Nasty OL means nothing. There are plenty of big and nasty linemen who can't block, so that is a false narrative. The Seahawks have had an awful line for as long as I can remember, and their decoy is RUSSEL WILSON. Heard of him? False again. 2016, our SB year, we passed nearly 60% of the time. I'll do the math for you since I question if you can at this point, but that leaves running the ball 40% of the time. Run sets up pass. Pass sets up run. It all works together. Another L.
  24. Without Capitalism these socialists nations could never exist. Have you ever seen a socialist nation prop up a deflated Capitalists nation? No you haven't, but you have seen a Capitalist nation prop up many declining Socialists nations.
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