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  2. Northwestern has the 26th ranked defense. Doesn't matter. Ohio State rolls...
  3. Here’s the full story...
  4. yeah, I am sure there is a long line of teams waiting to get those guys.
  5. That's stupid!
  6. Never thought I’d say this, but I would rather see Worrilow out there.
  7. Id love to trade him but I don't see a team willing to take him on. Hopefully I'm wrong
  8. That would be believable, but nope, it was a typo.
  9. In that story, the albatross was good luck for the ship until they killed it.
  10. A Vista in Trump Tower?
  11. Chris Hayes' audience looks like a Warren campaign rally.
  12. Welp, we know the Friday night dump now... Guiliani pushed Trump to grant a visa to a Ukrainian official promising dirt on Democrats. Edit: The official is Victor Shokin, the fired prosecutor. The State Dept refused the visa and the WH tried to pressure them into granting it.
  13. If we get a 4th it’ll be a miracle.
  14. Wrong thread guys.
  15. I wished people could see how huge of a issue TD really is.. He's very good about making senseless contracts work, but definitely dosnt have the insight to actually build a team.. Something thats necessary for a good GM
  16. I know it isn’t the biggest issue but I’ve seen Drake play. When he’s used correctly and it’s good. Freeman should gone next season, I think he’s done. I’m not sold on any of our backups. With our defense, I’m not even really sure where to begin. It’s a fu@king dumpster fire.
  17. Jokes aside, the falcons surprisingly have a chance in this game. Would I pick them to win? No, because this defense is just way too terrible to ever pick us to win a game. Unless Donald just completely wrecks us, it should be a shootout. Rams win 38-34.
  18. Yesterday
  19. I'm with you. I wouldn't let Quinn touch the roster if I'm canning him. Wouldn't be surprised if they give him another year... Depending on if the trade goes through
  20. Uuhhh did that guy die?
  21. Are we only playing 3 quarters?
  22. I can only hope Hillary can shut the **** up and go away by then. She will be an albatross around the nominee's neck, no matter who it is, if she doesn't.
  23. A defense cannot be fast and physical when the softest player on the team is making 13M, and essentially gave the coach a middle finger by skipping OTAs after the coach said he would be hands on with him. Have to pick an identity and there is no way Beasley should have played a snap with us after that. The softest player on the team pulls that stunt after you gave him a vote of confidence. Gotta go.
  24. If it's this dumb already I can't imagine what the general is going to be like.
  25. I can understand that, its just perspective
  26. I am aware, hence my quoted post. However, that also creates 5-6 additional holes to fill through free agency or the draft.
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