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  2. Tua is a terrible NFL QB. I can’t even believe threads like this exists. He’ll be exposed the second he steps onto an NFL field
  3. Oliver gave up most of the yardage to Houston's #2 wr
  4. Man corners aren’t goin to matter when the QB can make a sandwich in the pocket every play. I’m sick of not getting pressure man I want a guy that can consistently beat their guy one on one.
  5. I mean, dude gave up 3 TDs vs Houston's #2 Receiver. Saying he's way better than a first year starter isn't saying much. What really bothers me is how lost he looks.
  6. Why would I need to comment and what is muddy about his statement?
  7. This is true, but he's more than likely gone after this season. So, you gotta get what you can.
  8. Agree to disagree. Not saying he is a top cb but he is waaay better than Oliver and isn't a huge weakness when he is playing.
  9. Playing poorly in the second qtr, plane must've landed at 2 pm.
  10. You meant Tru hasn't been good this year. He played good vs Philly.
  11. Not happening
  12. I don't know that it's fair to single him out. He's had some good games for us, been mostly serviceable, at least. And he's a 4th rounder, you shouldn't expect more than that. The whole defense looks terrible, I'd actually kind of like to see what him and others look with a competent coach and scheme. I'm actually kind of afraid that a bunch of dudes are going to be torpedoed, and be good somewhere else...which means we're going to be spending resources where we already had players we could use but got rid of them because we had camel turd coaching. Other than Trutard. F him.
  13. How many years has it been now? I still have people begging to get me over there to this day. It must be boring over there if most of y'all need the King (Alpha Bull) back to liven things up. #neverforgetWFW
  14. Umm, this is scary. This kid will be in Athens this weekend, per 247. David Mbadinga - The other starting 2023 RB from Kell that is creating a buzz. He is close to a 1,000 yards rushing starting as a 14 year old in 5A.
  15. He had pizza on his mind...cut the man some slack Jack.
  16. I swear as bad as Campbell has been, Foye is worse. He seems like a poor mans Campbell. Athletic but always seems late... and quite frankly at least Campbell seems to play with some toughness. I’m not saying Campbell has been good (he’s been bad), but Foye has really not shown anything and has been just so unimpressive in the little opportunities he’s gotten.
  17. Anyone got Joplo Bartu's #?
  18. What, that you were a RC Hoax believer and now "the call" we got Trump this time supporter? Whatevah, just make sure my Election map is there for me to win again...thanks in advance.
  19. We'll take him off y'all hands for y'all...
  20. Lol, actually 1985
  21. Real as brother
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