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  2. As you ignore the facts. How do you let one party lemmingize you to this degree? I thought Squirrely Bob had it bad.
  3. We reached the "Professional athletes have jobs lust like regular people" stage of the off-season much sooner than last year. Does that mean we skip the "Instagram is so important" stage, or just get to that later? By the way, both are completely stupid BS that fans just make up in their heads because they hate that these guys make a **** ton of money. They are pro athletes/entertainers/TV personalities. They play by totally different rules than everyone else.
  4. Our coaches are wrong. With very few exceptions we've been overly light on DL for a decade and besides Abraham had issues collapsing the pocket and getting pressure on the QB. We've also had a habit of giving up leads late for quite some time. You'd figure at some point our coaches would wake up and decide to try something different instead of trying to build a light weak DL over and over again.
  5. Facts man, just seems like he is content.
  6. And what do they have to show for it ?? Not a thing, stats and catches dont mean squat if you can't get the job done. Thats one reason why Julio's catch is the not the best in SB history nor top 3 or 4.
  7. Maybe, he did the same thing last year. He needs as much work as he can get. Why wouldn't you want to be out there with your team when all of them are hungry?? Ryan is out there so that's no excuse for Julio, he is always putting in the work, Julio is lazy.
  8. My Half-Assed (VERY crude) attempt to figure out how much Medicare for America might cost Props to Gaba for tackling such a thing. Even if it half-assed, it is still very impressive. As I have been saying, Medicare 4 America is cheaper than Medicare for All. 4-5 trillion vs 33+ trillion is a no brainer.
  9. I dont think he is a closer. Hes been very good but I think hes better served as a setup type of guy. I'd like to see Newk get a look in the role as he gets familiar with being a RP.
  10. If that’s the case then he’s not a true closer.
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  12. So bigger, better run stopper and pocket pusher, for virtually the same money?
  13. My bad. Third season he slid.
  14. The most anti-climatic ending to an epic series sense… Sunday night.
  15. Yeah, I'm willing to give LJ a mulligan for last night. I'm sure he wants that last pitch back.
  16. Braves 2018 1st round pick Carter Stewart has skipped the MLB draft and signed with a Japanese team. Stewart failed to sign with Atlanta over an injury issue. He reportedly gets a little more than $7M for 6 years. He also got a $2M bonus. Stewart is going for money, he makes more in Japan than the minors and can be posted for bidding as an international FA in 2025. If he lives up to the hype in Japan he'll enter his first FA in MLB at 25 years old.
  17. Luke Jackson was due for a bad game or two. The guy had been lights out all season except for Opening Day. We can still win this series.
  18. Where does it state that Blank is being anything close to Jerry Jones? It says TD made a promise. Doesn’t say Blank tore into his *** or demanded anything
  19. You don’t have to be a talent evaluator to realize that your $100 million qb is getting creamed week in and week out.
  20. I fall asleep and wake up to Jackson ****ting himself again? This guy's now blown what feels like 3 saves in the past week. Absolutely ******* pathetic. **** this bullpen and most of all **** AA. Once again this guy has done absolutely nothing for this team since being hired other than reaping the benefits of Coppy's work.
  21. It was waaaaay past time the other thread was shut down, pure hot *** garbage!
  22. schrader was always just avg to below avg TE play helped him A LOT
  23. I haven’t. That’s why I didn’t take the time to tag you in that post to get your attention. People who do that are pure attention whores
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