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  2. George Clooney is too old.
  3. But Beez is such a "nice guy"...just like JA98....that & 10cents still gets me 10cents!
  4. At least they have toughness on their side.
  5. It's over bro, Dan is done for in the NFL
  6. Myself as well.
  7. Dig those threads up bro....people were ready to run this guy out of town
  8. Wrong. Everyone didn’t hate him. I wanted him here for a long time.
  9. Ish is the worst. He wouldn’t make any other team except the Falcons.
  10. Neither will ever get a ring.
  11. 5 pages and people are still missing..
  12. Everyone hated this guy in 2015. The AFMB loves to have its cake and eat it too.
  13. I love a good factoid. I've never got the cap allocation argument. We're paying Beasley and Trufant a combined $26m combined and look where that has got us. Teams that are spending heavily on defense, are typically doing so for one of two reasons: 1. They have a rookie QB on a cheap deal and can afford to do so, or... 2. They haven't drafted well enough and are having to pay FA's to plug gaps.
  14. I have no idea what you talking about everybody's been complaining bad defense and the offensive line
  15. He’s not a Cowturd fan, he just has a special type of hatred for Ryan, with no substance behind it.
  16. Fun fact #4. Every team you mentioned has won at least ONE Superbowl...
  17. Hopefully 1-15 .
  18. The team has a reputation from early in the season as dirty. Once you get that it's hard to wipe off.
  19. A win vs AZ could've pushed us to 6-7 wins, now we'll probably finish with around 4-6 wins 5 being the most likely We get our next win vs Bucs but get stomped on a short week by the Aints on National TV then go on a roll to win 3 of the last 4 to end the season.
  20. ^ ^ ^ ^ Get ready for this to be a reality.
  21. ^ ^ ^ ^ Get ready for this to be a reality.
  22. So you wanna waste a top 5 pick on a guy who isn't gonna play for another 3 years. BRILLIANT
  23. Meh... I'll be ok, I was flamed, tagged, mods deleted my threads and banned 5-6 years ago for speaking the truth. Now more and more ppl are starting too see what I saw. I'm not worried about those still clinching onto hope they're in the minority and pack mentally is king on this MB
  24. Dave Archer calling Cowturd an idiot made my morning.....LMFAO!
  25. Today
  26. Fun fact #1 per not one team in the entire league spends more on defense than they do on offense. Fun fact #2 out of the 10 teams who spend the most on defense only 4 currently have a winning record. Fun fact #3 the Cowboys, eagles, Saints, seahawks, chiefs, packers, and raiders all spend less on defense than the falcons and all have better records than the falcons.
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