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  2. This isn't difficult to grasp. Falcons can't cause turnovers or rush the QB. Not being insensitive, but Neal has horrible ball skills and we need playmakers on the back end. If Young is gone, Delpit is that guy.
  3. With all of that screwing over of Clinton, she still won the popular vote and barely lost the electoral college. The ground has shifted dramatically for 2020 and Trump doesn’t have the advantage like he did last time.
  4. Fields chose to leave it was not our choice.. it was his.. based on the fact that he couldn’t win the job.. AS A FRESHMAN..
  5. Ah yes, suggesting a guy who played SS in college might be able to play SS in the NFL is absurd.
  6. Blank probably told them with what you have
  7. That's what it nearly looked like. I hope the Ohio debate narrows it to 6.
  8. Agree Oliver is horrible in coverage but he's definitely a sure tackler. Put him in Neal's place Start the Rookies on the edgae cant be any worst than Tru and Oliver. AJ Brown made our CB's look like they were true freshman at UGA...….. Fucc U Quinn
  9. Honestly, it doesn't matter who we trot out there on defense right now because it's all bad. This defense has given up. I'm telling you, when I saw Deion Jones let Chase Edmonds walk in for a score it was final confirmation for me that these players have quit on Dan Quinn. And not that it hasn't played out that way since the Philly game, but I turned to the older Falcon fan next to me after that play and went "DJ just gave up on that play..." He looked at me with this confused look and replied "Wait...that was 45?" I said "Yup, DJ just gave up on that play..." and we both watched the replay in silence and shook our heads. Dan Quinn is going out in remarkably bad fashion.
  10. Right now they have Acuna, Inciarte, Duvall, and Riley under control. They have an option on Markakis, and they have Pache and Waters likely to start pushing this year, maybe as early as spring. I think they take the option on Markakis if he understands there's a very good shot that he's a bench or platoon player.
  11. I don't get where you think I said the Falcons should tank? Tanking doesn't exist too often in the NFL - some teams do it but not many. Players never tank or only if some mafia guy has him by the short hairs. I believe the Colts kind of Sucked for Luck and Dolphins are making it fairly obvious that is what they are doing. I'm simply bringing up if the Falcons continue at current pace that they are likely to pick in the top 3-4 and this is what that could look like.
  12. Rodgers also has laughable stats when trailing in the 4th qtr. if I recall correctly.
  13. Its literally what people said would happen when he did his "bad look" thing. He knew it was going to happen...he didn't care.
  14. Well Belichick places a lot of value in draft picks, as he should, because they're arguably a team's best asset. The more you have, the more likely you are to select good players, and the more financial flexibility and leverage you have. He's constantly stockpiling draft picks, and isn't afraid to cut bait sooner than later in order to maximize value. Belichick may very rarely draft a superstar player like Gronk, but provided he has a competent scout team, he'll always find a couple of good players who perform their job well enough for the team to win. He's pretty much the polar opposite of TD, who tends to swing for the fences to draft [who he thinks are] high caliber players. To be fair, at the time they were drafted, Vic and Takk were thought to be solid players. That said, if Belichick were running things, Vic would have been long gone, likely after the 2017 season and definitely after 2018. Vic would have likely gotten us a mid-round comp pick. If you follow NBA basketball, it's why I like Travis Schlenk (Hawks GM) a lot. He's openly stated that draft picks are his most valuable asset, and it's evident in the way he's been dealing players and acquiring draft picks.
  15. He's physical enough.
  16. Neasman not getting a chance after last season is a head scratcher. Did DQ forget why moving Ish to reserve LB was a good idea? He's a good tackler and physical but only if he can catch up. Heck I'd rather put Grace or Foye back there than him. Also, we're not playing Graham and got two perfectly good backs and a 3rd Rounder (who has been decent in action) in street clothes every week. I don't know if we find any more success but they won't get better on the sidelines and I'll swallow an L on young rookie mistakes more than vets.
  17. Schmanthers played Az and Hou back-to-back. They accumulated 14 sacks in those two games. We couldn't even get one.
  18. I could agree with you up until a few weeks ago. Even when we came out the gate falling all over ourselves, I kept pointing out when we did force teams to throw, we were doing a solid job of breaking down the pocket, even though the sack numbers weren’t there. The problem was coverage wasn’t forcing QBs to hold the ball. But it’s been a different story the past few weeks. Front and back have been totally inept. Agreed on MM. I’ve mentioned Jerome Henderson a few times not getting enough heat for this mess. He’s supposed to be the secondary coach and passing game coordinator and we seem to be getting worse by the week.
  19. Because this isn't madden
  20. This isn't as simple as trump bad. But it certainly isnt a good look. We are in a catch 22 when allies start killing each other.
  21. Haha in fairness KoG, facebook ain't for the the young folks anymore. My parents use it more than me. I do love twitter though. And truthfully, every here should know you well enough to understand your sarcasm.
  22. Dude ... you got to quit spouting that 4th qtr BS. Matt had 3 first down passes in the last 2 drives. I called you on it in another thread. If you are going to constantly Matt troll bring facts. 1-10-ATL 10 (5:53) M.Ryan pass short left to D.Freeman to ATL 49 for 39 yards (E.Roberts). 2-8-NE 49 (4:47) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass deep right to J.Jones to NE 22 for 27 yards. 1-10-ATL 11 (:52) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass short left to M.Sanu to ATL 23 for 12 yards (L.Ryan).
  23. Very superficial though. Fields should have never signed with UGA. It was the wrong fit for both parties involved. We were never going to switch to an offense that would let him do what he’s doing so far this year. We also didn’t let him go. We tried to get him to stay. Fields was determined to leave when he didn’t win the job.
  24. Sack didn’t take Atlanta out of FG range and that’s on the coaches staying so aggressive anyway with 2 injured lineman. Why do people keep saying the sack made the difference? We couldn’t attempt a FG because continuing to throw AFTER the sack got us penalized and that took us out of range. 2 drives were moved out of FG range by penalty after we hit 28 points. That’s not Ryan’s fault either. Neither was Freeman absolutely whiffing on his assignment. If Falcons coaches went full Smitty ball in that 4th Q we never lose.
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