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  2. Beasley is an athletic freak. The only reason why Beasley "can't do it" is because he lacks the drive. No one said that Beasley would be better if he took Quinn on his offer to work with him during the offseason. The fact that Quinn want to help out Beasley only to not take him up on it was bad on Vic's part. It wasn't like Beasley turned down Quinn to work with a Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, Bruce Smith, or any other pass rushing specialist who are known to work with others to improve their pass rushing skills. It's Beasley's job to try to improve as a pass rusher. Saying he can't just doesn't cut it. Otherwise, he should've played another position that he "can do". Beasley is a flash in the pan because he has done nothing to change how he rushes the QB after teams figured out that his game is limited to just his speed.
  3. Now that is a football team
  4. I just tuned in at halftime for the Ep IX trailer.
  5. yep i was reading on the fsu board they have the money for the buyout and it's happening.. should be interesting to see if meyer takes the $$$$ from fsu..
  6. TDS trade mark is he’s can’t find pass rushers and trench players. It’s been that way since he got here. He got one here or there like a blind squirrel finds an acorn. Time to move on
  7. I want to know is any falcon fans showing up to the saints game on week 9
  8. We also could have maybe gotten just 1 defensive stop when it mattered... ya know.. just 1.
  9. I don't get the hate for this man.
  10. I’ll have to defer to them. I was once upon a time upset that we didn’t sign Toneil Carter lol
  11. Funny that people want a young hot QB out of the draft but literally every rookie and 2nd year QB is super shaky. You sure you wanna dump Ryan and go through the unknown?
  12. 49ers are 6-0 and this team is 1-6. I think part of that is karma. 49ers team is built for every possible situation you can think of
  13. I know we’ve been dogging Beasley and McKinley, but what about clayborn?
  14. Yeah, I can see why people would have a problem with that. I personally loved it though. Last Jedi was aight. Definitely kinda disappointing. If you’re talking about Rogue One, then I can also kinda agree that it was disappointing.
  15. I like him, but the refs has helped him a lot this season.
  16. julio is julio , you and i both know that
  17. What about OT Schader he did good too. Shanny you left and Schader fell off the mountain maybe DQ did too Shanny Man! Go ahead and finish the season witha 49's. As soon as the last game has played. AB and DELTA will be at the SF airport to bring you back to the ATL. You can even bring your Daddy. You owe us Shanny. It is not right you are basking in glory while we are left with a Catastrophe. HELP!!!!! COME BACK SHANNY COME BACK! SHANNY MAN
  18. Well said my man
  19. facts, i would love to have him here
  20. I hope we offer Gibbs, but I’m afraid the staff is higher on Chaney and Edwards, unfortunately.
  21. I don't think it was his ego. He was clueless in Game Management. His dad is in his ear now. Neither Kyle, nor Quinn had a clue. Their philosophy was to score so many points, and play soft defense to not give up big plays.
  22. It was almost an exact remake of A New Hope. Both of the previous films were terrible. Like prequel terrible.
  23. I thought Dan Quinn would have our defense balling and the offense had the talent to do well without Shanahan. How wrong I was.
  24. Touche
  25. I'll never stop being bitter over how that turned out. How in the world do you not run the ball? But, I'll also never stop wishing he was still here and our head coach.
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