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  2. Please don't tell me there were people hoping for a Ryan injury?
  3. So because Clinton rode on a plane, he’s a child molester? Literally, I have no clue what point that tweet was trying to make.
  4. Agreed!!! Fan since 1978.
  5. We have an incredibly stupid FO and coaching staff.
  6. Fire em all. Burn it down
  7. Man what a stalker you are more than welcome to do so! I will wait!
  8. 5 sacks today by the Rams = 5 sacks by the Falcons this season 2 turnovers recovered by the Rams today = 2 turnovers recovered by Falcons this season
  9. Hoping the best for Matt Ryan. He deserves so much better than this god forsaken franchise.
  10. I'm really at a loss for words at this point. Not sure if I've ever seen such an embarrassing and frustrating situation and that covers a lot of bad falcons football over a lot of years. Seriously unreal.
  11. If it makes you feel any better the team used two draft picks on him instead of one.
  12. I would not blame him in the slightest. But his contract is also allot worse to trade away then palmer was even he really wanted to go
  13. I'm not for a man losing their livelihood but if Matt is seriously hurt dan quinn and Thomas dimitroff need to be hired immediately..they put this crap o line together.and matt is getting destroyed all ******* game..
  14. DQ should just leave now. Get in your truck right f****** now and drive the **** out of Georgia
  15. That aint even a celebration. Its humiliation. You go in somebody home. Score a touchdown, then do a hometown dance mockery in front of the world. Phuck this team. Phuck Dan Beech As Quinn. Dude was a fraud surrounded by talent in Seattle & fooled us into thinking he was a good coach/Defensive coordinator. The superbowl was all Shanahan. Now the truth is out. Arthur Blank wont fire his bald headed trick.
  16. Y’all saw that weak tackle attempt by Sheffield lmao. These picks suck
  17. Dude seriously this is the dumbest post I've seen in a while on any sort of forum or media.... Do yourself a favor.... Become a fan of another team.
  18. Hopefully Dimi is happy after failing for over a decade.
  19. Please!!! Get him away from these spoiled, shotty fans. He and Julio both deserve better.
  20. Must be drunk, nonsensical post.
  21. Traveling from NY city to New Jersey to Poughkeepsie… The same.
  22. Exactly what I do every game.
  23. What if aliens come in February and blow up the super bowl and the NFL comes to an end while humanity becomes slaves to our alien overlords?
  24. Quinn needs to immediately after this game.
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