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  2. Was thinking the same thing. It was a big debate. I wanted Ryan, actually mo Jed him as a 2nd round pick before he caught fire in the draft world. many wanted Dorsey and either Brohm or Henne. most important coin flip in Falcons history right there to get the 3 pick instead of 4 or 5.
  3. It was a fluke. When he proves it wrong I’ll change that tune. Right situation? If he’s as good as you think there would be several of those right situations, wouldn’t you think?
  4. I don't blame the media for covering things that actually happened with Trump or Russian interference, I blame the ones that acted like it was known that he was working with Putin based on the public and confidential information available to them. Trump knew practically from the beginning that Russia wanted him over Hillary. All he had to do was let them do their thing, and all he had to do after he was elected was stoke the RC angle of it by acting like he personally really likes Putin. If you weren't assuming from the beginning that he's too stupid to get a pair of pants on by himself, it sure seems like he could have planned at some point before or after the election to be publicly soft on Putin specifically and let the cable news and the comedy shows inundate the public the idea that he's working for Putin, which would ultimately disarm a great deal their legitimate criticism later on. They made it very easy for him, and it wasn't supposed to be a problem because they also told us he's too stupid to think five seconds ahead, so he couldn't sneak something by us if his life depended on it. Welp = /
  5. Yes. I would give up Beasley before a 2nd or two thirds. I don’t think we re-sign him regardless after the season.
  6. I personally don't but I get it. A big part of why is because (if rumors are true) when DQ sees a player that fits his scheme and goes for him hard in the paint, then he has pretty much been right in a big way. I got trust in that factor.
  7. Not in the NFL. Not how it works. You can say his overall game has flaws, but in the right situation, he can get to the QB
  8. Take away those 2 games and he still had 9 sacks. Getting a single sack in the NFL shows skill. 15.5 sacks isn’t luck.
  9. This is who the Republicans chose to the highest office in the land.
  10. It was a fluke
  11. It's funny, but guys like Big Dex and Zach Allen might be the best picks for us. Allowing us to open up Grady, Vic, Takk and Senat.
  12. Highest likelihood to commit at this point is probably Sherman. Maybe Saturday or Sunday... Wouldn't anticipate multiples this weekend going public... It's possible... But not likely.
  13. Oh I remember as I was part of the Team i want Ryan since I lived relatively close to the college in was all about him but this year it's so much more broad so many other potential options
  14. We definitely have more of a trade up look, and knowing our tendency as TD reiterated then it shouldn’t surprise anybody. Just gotta have that guy produce if you are moving up in round 1.
  15. He must wasnt here for the Group 1 and Group 2 debate/fight.
  16. I don’t think he’s intelligent enough to have that.
  17. The draft is challenging as the drop off in top tier talent is much earlier than usual. This is part of it.
  18. wfw has stage IV Mueller Derangement Syndrome.
  19. Not that much really. It was a sham because he feasted in games going against rookie 3rd and 4th string RIGHT Tackles that netted him almost half of those sacks. And that was ONE season out of FOUR... for those that pay attention to details like that.
  20. Yeah, Barr said publicly that Trump “fully cooperated” with the investigation. Trump tried over 10 times to shut down the investigation. That’s not “fully cooperating”. Barr lied to the public.
  21. Just another excuse to make justification for a player because you like the position. We Bama fans love a great many of our players. I like Q, Jacobs, and a few others. Jonah benefits from the weak talent pool for the position. He’s not that good.
  22. Very good read.... Man the Athletic is a must have for falcons into and i agree... If and thats a big If..... With the position we are in and our cap space what it is for the foreseeable future..... If you can grab a difference maker... You do that ... Ive felt like these lowbudget depth moves has set us up for a possible move up. With this draft having decent depth..... Again thats a big if.... If a impact guy is within reach.... You have to seriously look at that trade up
  23. Succinct and to the point.
  24. Imagine after the past week thinking Barr should be the legal authority on anything... **** minus whale ask Comey
  25. So his All Pro season where he led the NFL in sacks wasn’t a good season?
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