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  2. so this is more likely than Julio getting $20mm/yr? M'kay...
  3. Kinda like the 100 threads a week about Ryan...
  4. Over the Cap agrees with you- they have his cap hit for this year as 11 mil.
  5. Blank is ballin so hard haha I love that this organization takes care of it’s players.
  6. The dude trolls every thread. Everything he posts is negative. **** just gets annoying.
  7. Notice how neither one of us is calling each other a racist? It's nice eh? Also I'm a pretty hard core righty economically. I am not a moderate when it comes to economics. I'm a full Milton Friedman fiscal conservative.
  8. You are wrong to absolve Obama from this. Obama and Hillary dumped a ton of support to Syrian rebels in 2012 including supplying arms. Guess where ISIS got the majority of its weapons? Pulling out of Iraq prematurely in 2011 also didn't help as it created a power vacuum filled in by ISIS.
  9. Yes he's making all the right moves.... Like bringing in Bolton? How many people died or we injured in the oil tankers "attack" by Iran?
  10. You literally just said exactly what I said. That doesn’t change the rest of the offense. There are nuances, concepts, and rules in each offense than can be the same or different than an offense on the other side of the spectrum. There are similar concepts within all offenses that alter the way receivers run routes or linemen block. That doesn’t mean we are changing the offense. The coaches have already stated that. You’re wrong, sorry.
  11. woke worzone vs. abf "moderates" is good interwebz
  12. Obama continuing the long held American tradition of foreign meddling didn't help. That said, the rise of ISIS is entirely the doing of the Bush administration. They used al-Zarqawi as part of their pretext to invade Iraq which caused his notoriety, and thus his group's notoriety, to skyrocket and made him into a symbol of resistance against the United States. That only heightened when we finally did invade and occupy Iraq.
  13. So far the current president is not making such foolish moves. Hoping he makes the right moves with Iran. We'll see. Trump has always been mostly non-interventionist. He was against the Iraq war even when Republicans were pushing for it and Democrats were voting for it in congress.
  14. Threat = great? That’s not what my thesaurus says. That’s not even what I said.
  15. And why did they exist? W
  16. And don't forget Obama supporting and giving weapons to Syrian rebels who branched out into ISIS and used our own weapons against us.
  17. Because W decided to kill the man that tried to kill his daddy and killed his kids while he was at it. For all the terrible things Saddam was, he prevented religious extremist from growing in Iraq. And he kept Iran in check. Saddams.death allowed the flow of radicals to pour Iraq that spilled over into Syria followed by our decision to kill Gadaffi making a trifecta of stupid decisions that created isis. We only had to fight Isis because we created them.
  18. That and Obama supporting the rebels which ISIS branched out from.
  19. Falcons should have kept DK in 2015 if they didn't get KS to be the OC. DK has done more with less talent here in 2013-2014 and in Tampa.
  20. Do you think charities had/have the staff and resources to provide adequate care to the indigent population of the United States? In fact the charities you mentioned still exist. Why aren't they serving as that now? And if I know I can go to those charities in the event I need healthcare, why would I even get insurance? And who would be there to say I make too much to use the Red Cross for my checkups? The ACA had the individual mandate which kinda did what you're saying and look how that turned out. Republicans got rid of it. As far as churches and charities in general, I think it was TD Jakes who talked about this one time. A church is supposed to stand in to provide these services, that is their Christian and moral duty and many churches do. But a local church gets somewhere around 10% of their congregation's income, if the congregants are even faithful givers. Whereas the government gets 15-30% of everyone's incomes, no matter what religion they are. The church should do what they can but the government has much more power to help people and provide these services than the church. I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to entrust my or my family's healthcare to the kindness of strangers.
  21. There were multiple interviews with Ryan, San, DK and Hooper all talking about changes. Sanu and Hooper talked about adjusting to new Step based route running and need to spend extra time with Ryan. If a WR is changing the way route is run, blocking etc. It is going to be a big change bigger than most realize. Sure, it won't be overhaul of KS play book but I expect DK to run what he thinks best. I wish Sark would have stood up and said, I will run what I am comfortable in a situation.
  22. I think you know why... Or you should...
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