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  2. Definitely not this one
  3. It can help it some, but when you don’t force a team to punt for 13 straight drives over a two week span and are allowing the most points in the league, it’s not going to help it enough.
  4. It better be 2-14 with the 2nd win coming against the Saints to knock them out of playoff contention, because the Panthers win the division behind Kyle Allen and the NFC North gets 3 teams in.
  5. I’ll agree with you that Sean Peyton is a slime ball, don’t think that is what you were going for, but that’s ok. I’d personally rather not have the drama or distraction of those types of players. A little edge fine, but anything past that and I’ll leave it.
  6. We better not win 3 pointless games to end the year again...
  7. When was Brady’s defense not good? Since 2008 Brady has had a top ten scoring defense 11/12 seasons, 92% of the time. Ryan has had that 3/12 seasons, 25% of the time, including the dead last one so far this year.
  8. campbell is like 4th in the NFL in tackles. Sure he missed the TD pass but he's improved as a run LB
  9. I’ll take it. I was told I don’t know football. Then things like this always happen. Gotta love it lol
  10. It doesn’t help his pass rushers haven’t actually gone to bat for him. His defensive scheme would work if players actually did there jobs. The Beasley decision will probably end him though and the thought process behind thinking that the return of Debo Rico and Neal to the back half of his defense would make the difference. He also couldn’t have accounted for the drop off in his secondaries performance also. Ultimately the draft decisions he and the GM made have been proven ineffective throw in bad inconsistent coaching and we have what we have.
  11. Even when the Falcons go good alot of this fan base won’t say first off the teams going well they’ll say the other team was just bad. Funny thing is when this team is going badly the above still pile it on. Can’t win either way. I agree though for the most part I never understood why a player thinks anything is to be gained by engaging fans on Twitter or other forms of social media it’s just a plane crash waiting to happen.
  12. I thought for sure he'd be missing Matt Ryan. Maybe he does a little bit, but we miss him more.
  13. And yet he fired Dan Reeves
  14. Today
  15. no offense, this came across as funny like a parody
  16. The optimist in me wonders if the “new” scheme Quinn came up with just takes time for the players to learn. Similar to shanahan’s first season.
  17. Also, they poured resources into the side of the ball Shanahan doesn't coach because they knew his coaching and scheme would make up for talent. That's exactly what Quinn was supposed to do. They put all of the resources in the offense because Quinn's "simple" scheme was supposed to make it easy for guys to make plays based mostly on speed. Shanahan's defense is balling with resources like Bosa and the rest of the line and his offense is scoring enough to win. Quinn's offense is scoring enough to win for the most part, but his defense is atrocious. He has never been without his starting quarterback. He bet on himself and lost and now it's time for a change.
  18. Oh did we not beat the Cardinals today?
  19. After what KS did in the Superbowl loss I was hoping he'd fall flat on his face as a head coach. The Falcons are the ones flat on their face.
  20. Gosh, I dunno. 49ers defense looks pretty good right now. He at least seems capable of finding the right coaches to lead the defense.
  21. Go back and look at the scores in the regular season of 2016. We needed a historic offense to get the job done. The D came up big in the playoffs, though. I think a lot of us have been hanging onto those few games as if it proves DQ's worthiness. We had a flash of what looked like potential, but our defense hasn't achieved greatness under his tutelage. His defense is a Madden cheat code for other teams. I'm not normally a fan who overreacts or expresses a strong opinion, but this team sucks and we can't blame Sark or Marquand Manuel anymore. They're gone and the team has regressed quite a bit since those coaches were fired.
  22. Kyle lost his starting QB last year. Look at that team now. They know the system, the defense is great, and the offense is scoring points. They are clicking and beating teams in dominant fashion. I'll admit that they haven't had the strongest schedule, but they are embarrassing the cupcakes. No, I'm not sitting here saying they are contenders, but they are trending upward. Ever since Kyle left we've steadily been heading in the opposite direction.
  23. You know what I meant by that. Like at some point the defense has to at least be present. Right now we're better off not even fielding one.
  24. I think at this point we should draft a RB in round 2 or 3. Lots of good ones in this class.
  25. You shoot for mediocrity and you’ll step on his younger brother Poo every time
  26. whats that term TD/DQ use...CT (competive toughness)? this had to be missed om Beasley's eval...
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