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  2. **** yeah
  3. I really hate the "Godgers goat crap." I guess i just know too may Packer fans. They're all about Rodgers. Dude aint done shiite in years.
  4. He is but with that pitch count he might not go many innings
  5. Strasburg is filthy
  6. To add to this, Top 10 at each position.
  7. Pitch counts already getting up there
  8. Josh Donaldson in his last 38 games entering tonight is hitting .259/.366/.640 (1.006) with 15 homeruns and 33 rbi's.
  9. Exactly what I was saying...
  10. I lowered the “bar” to 8 get it:) the bar ...
  11. I've pointed this out in the past, yet, no one seems to think M4A will have this same problem? Doctor's are just lawyers who aren't afraid of blood. Professions can change over night.
  12. This means Green Bay sucks.
  13. Exactly. Heck, get 8
  14. True.. But the fact GB is #2 without a running back and only twi good receivers is amusing On our end we have Ryan, Schaub, Freeman, Jones, Sanu, Ridley, Hardy, Gage
  15. I read Minor is a little upset at the Rangers. This just makes so much sense for us.
  16. Freddie pool cued that one...
  17. RBI single by Freddie! Yessssssss!!! 1-0 Braves
  18. There we go
  19. They're thinking with Deion Jones back full speed for 16 games, they'll be just fine.
  20. Shift. That.
  21. Yeah, referring to it as "excellent reporting" is really "throwing her under the bus".
  22. Not for long. Eventually those other guys ,like Wentz, will get paid.
  23. Watch out Zeke, or Sponge will come in and tell you it's "eminent domain" just looking out for you.
  24. Come on Freddie!!!
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