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  2. I sent a certified letter to Flowery Branch offering to buy the team but Mr. Blank rejected it. I guess a hundred grand just doesn't buy what it used to.
  3. ^^^ This.
  4. Why do I feel like it's going to be something stupid like two 6ths?
  5. Yeah man. That’s rough.
  6. Nope, not at all. I said Sanu. Please be my guest during the off-season to dump freeman, Trufant, Beasley, h*ll most of the team can go. I said Sanu. Sanu is a leader. We are seriously lacking in that department on this team.
  7. @thesouphead The ones fearing that in 2008 are the same ones who were afraid he was going to declare martial law and give himself more election opportunities than 2. Coincidentally those same people are dumb enough to think itd be ok if Trump did it.
  8. Umm? No he never claimed to do so.
  9. LOrd if I had seen this I would have posted that in this article
  10. Remember when Obama took your guns?
  11. Gotcha. 3rd would be amazing, but yea I agree with you it'll more likely be a 5 or 6 I think.
  12. Lol ok keyboard warrior.
  13. I agree. More likely to see a 5 or so. I was saying more that not sure I would ship him for less than a 3-4 personally just hoping a team w some comp capital would be willing to roll the dice.
  14. You can keep that smart moth **** to yourself because I am not the one!
  15. I wouldn't hold your breathe on a 3rd to 4th, tbh
  16. Honestly who is surprised. Election year in the heels of a Democrat presidential candidate saying he would have police go door to door taking guns away. This is going to be the retaliation. Vote against anything.
  17. With DQ running mostly two LBs on most plays I haven’t seen much from Campbell. However at this point I say you have to see what other guys can bring to the table. In traditional 4-3 I agree!
  18. Swear people think every position is plug and play with no thought to scheme what so ever.
  19. Thanks for posting my article!
  20. Paul Dano is a great actor and a great choice for Riddler imo. I think he can give that character a ton of depth, depending on directing and writing of course. Not familiar enough with Zoe Kravitz to comment on her. Jonah Hill is a dude I have long said is underrated as an actor. He has largely been type cast for comedy or comedic relief, but I think he's a lot more talented an actor than people give him credit for. He passed on the Batman movie role though. I saw that reported yesterday. I'm not buying into Pattinson as Batman until I see it for myself. Thanks to my ex wife I have seen a number of movies he is in and I've never been impressed with his acting. People who say these comic book character roles are shallow don't know what they are talking about. I'll give it a shot but expectations are very low for him.
  21. May as well trade him. Good chance he is a cap casualty anyways. May get something...needs to be at least a 3rd-4th though IMO. take the highest pick as long as its not a ******* NFCS team.
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