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  2. I really like what Davison and Bailey are doing. Our run defense is much improved compared to last year. Or at least I feel like It is
  3. Imagine if the Falcons had any players that could cause turnovers. We need a complete re-haul of the secondary.
  4. A backup that's really a starter. Don't know why people forget this kid started on a playoff team before his injuries, and if it wasn't for Blair Walsh missing a chip shot game winner, he would have a playoff win.
  5. I think Camargo deserves a legit chance at starting this year.
  6. Used to love when he said "Making whoopie"
  7. I’m of the Bellichick savage GM camp. They'd have used him, got tons out of him, and as soon as he wanted a massive contract, BB would send him packing for a high pick, and draft a replacement. Same goes for Julio this off-season.
  8. Wait, we play on the 24th and then again on the 28th???
  9. And therein lies the problem, it's about the checks not the championships. Gotta hand it to Brady, for him it was about the Championships not the checks. Apparently the "Brotherhood" didn't include 'taking one (less $) for the team' to build a better team.
  10. I laugh when people question Julio losing a step or the route tree discussion.He set Ramsay up on that 39 yarder perfectly with all those comebacks. Routinely found holes in the zone. Personally I still think Julio’s got alot more to give than a lot think.
  11. Yes, but we're not going to tell you about it until December.
  12. 93 yards isn't containing. It's not the worst, but it isn't containing. Revis also wasn't taking ish after the game. Surely Revis was as humble as always. The 2007 Patriots were also the complete opposite of the 2019 Falcons. Rams would've won without Ramsey on Julio because the Falcons are an awful team.
  14. That subtle little shove is called pass interference
  15. This blowout reminded me that the primetime Thanksgiving game is Falcons/Saints.
  16. This is the complete compendium of Arthur Blank as owner of this team. People try to make him seem great, but honestly, if not for lucking into Matt Ryan in 08, his record would be worse than the Smiths. At least they were inept under much more difficult player movement rules.
  17. Star Wars at halftime...
  18. Crawford is a FA next year so no restructuring him if that is who you meant by Jack. But for this upcoming 2020 season neither Brown or Carpenter save us money even as a June 1st cut
  19. You want me to beg? Ok consider this begging. Please tell me what Rusty said.
  20. True, I hear ya
  21. Unfortunately our system isn’t much of a system. Might as well let Matt just call the plays. We don’t run those deep crosses like we used too guess we don’t give him time enough to let those long developing plays emerge Breeze arm strength regressed last year down the stretch. His injury may help his longevity.
  22. Yeah that is our modus operandi. This year feels different. Our NFL defense is giving up 33ppg. That is epically bad. Our really good QB has ankle sprain and getting hit 10 times per game.
  23. Ramsey isn’t the reason why though dude. My goodness lmao. You guys can have this for tonight. This is ridiculous
  24. Pernell McPhee just went down for the season. The Rams got Dante Fowler last year for a 3rd and Beasley is just as accomplished I would say.
  25. Lol dude when people were saying the Falcons should trade for him I posted numerous videos of him guarding elites showing how he gets bailed. You literally either saw him give up a pass, get help over top, bad throw by the qb or an occasional knockdown. He labels himself a shutdown corner because he will trail the #1 and you guys really take that and run with it without looking at more footage than an occasional highlight on sports center or NFL network. That’s not how true shutdown corners perform.
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