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  2. No I am genuinely curious what their intentions were with those gestures.
  3. Would love to see Hot Rod get drafted with like a 6th/7th pick. Dude can kick the heII out of the ball. I still think we can upgrade at Punter as it seems Bosher seems to get injured a bit the past few years. Offensive line needs to still be addressed and I would likely look for a new playmaker at RB and if Sanu's gone, another WR with great hands and speed. We do need a HC/OC that can get the most of out the talent that we currently have. Defense needs some serious work. We need LB's, DB's a DE and a DT. Another Safety wouldn't hurt. Biggest project we've been trying to address since forever. A DC that has shown he can get the job done should be hired.
  4. The peace sign, when flashed backwards, is actually the sign for victory circa WWII. It's also accepted as a peace sign by douchey juveniles and studio gangsters.
  5. You get bullied by one of Gravel's rude teens on twitter or something?
  6. its really not that posts. what i want is Crawford to see more snap counts. and DE seems to a good place, given the lack of production there, where he could contribute... and no its not the same as sayin i want Grady at DE...come on man dont make it out to be something i did NOT say...
  7. **** naw this weather is awful
  8. GT won today! So, there is hope! I'll be watching regardless since I've invested another year into Sunday Ticket with DTV.
  9. What kind of idiot does the peace sign backwards? I guess one that is dumb enough to work on the Mike Gravel cyber campaign.
  10. Hillary Clinton sucks so bad. But even I have enough of a spine to recognize the importance of a Democrat vs a Trump presidency.
  11. Explain that to me. Why are you upset we arent using a guy on the edge when he has shown to perform best on the inside? That's like saying you want Grady as our edge rusher.
  12. You see? That’s just it. I called those stats before the season. Stats aren’t enough. I don’t get anything from it. I’d take bottom tier passing stats for a win any day. This is why people didn’t want him to begin with. It slides into passing porn with not substance
  13. pretty much what i said...but with more detail
  14. It took three weeks for him to acknowledge James Shaw after he stopped the Waffle House shooter by grabbing the barrel of his rifle and yanking it away.
  15. So he got 6 sacks from the INSIDE and you're upset we dont use him OUTSIDE?
  16. Who would you want for a QB?An untested rookie,or one of the most reliable QBs in the league.
  17. Telling that TGA won’t even acknowledge halcon’s post
  18. Yah, I've questioned her for years. Don't need HRC to bark and point to her to know that she is next to the last person next to the last person that I want to be president.
  19. They were having a historic season. They had given up only 29 points all season before today and then gave up 24 today.
  20. No one is immune from the upset. Illinois hasn't beaten a top 10 team in more than a decade I think lol
  21. They're foreign agents for Australia.
  22. Got ejected for throwing a punch. I will never understand why these players think swinging at someone with a helmet on is a good idea, or is going to inflict any amount of damage to anyone but themselves.
  23. No
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