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  2. He can't see it, but he wont be able to see what it says. By time he gets to the end of the sentence his brain will scramble it, create a cloud of internal confusion, allowing him to conclude it says something different.
  3. "Some people say I have one of the best memories of all time"
  4. Fast and Furious called and says you're wrong
  5. Yes, and this is adding suspense.
  6. The entire thing boils down to Donald Trump being the client referenced in this scene:
  7. Buttigieg's policy of demolishing 1,000 houses in South Bend to develop that property in some other way which led to people being hit by unaffordable fines and, in turn, eviction was pretty ****** up... but pointing that out is helping the Republicans. I should focus on how he spoke Norwegian with a reporter or something.
  8. Mr. Boi J.....
  9. yeah, that is why DQ and TD need to know what they are and aren't willing to do as far as move-up. Of course we don't know anything other than the rumor of Atlanta/Detroit. I would hazard a guess that this is probably the limit on what they would do but who knows? I'm willing to pay what it would take to move up to #8 - if someone at #6 or #7 would take the same amount of compensation, then fine - otherwise - offer what you will offer and have it setup prior to draft and stick to it and have your "Plan B" and "Plan C" and "Plan D".
  10. Can someone point to the part of the report that indicts Hillary?? Thanks
  11. No, I mean if the right (no expensive deal comes along) but I am saying I wouldn't give up the farm at #14 to move up when there is beau coup DL talent in this draft. I mean a good will be there at #14. Having said that, I don't know how high our FO may rate a Williams or Oliver, amirite? Being sensible again.
  12. Right on, thanks for the link man. Could be Kelsey heard wrong or they said both. Internet is nutty. Taking an OL at 14 if a bunch are already gone would be too
  13. Simple, stay at 14 draft Dexter Lawrence and fix the DL for good.
  14. she was hot so I'm in.
  15. Did I hear you say no trade-up @14? Or was that the Days of Our Lives? Trade up and down all they want after 14. But please not up from 14.
  16. Pointing out that a candidate announced he's doing a fundraiser with party big wig donors is apparently doing the job of Republicans now. Guess doing other stuff like, say, pointing out that he stated that he's not going to focus on policies and instead focus on storytelling (ie. be an empty vessel) then that's doing the job of Republicans as well.
  17. I'm always rational and I want a dayum SB now! The sands of the hour glass are starting to run out on me.
  18. I haven't given thought to the best player in the draft being available. But the Falcons' have traded for the best before. So there IS a precedent here. It would cost. Perhaps too much in the FO's eyes. And mine. But what fun. Until the next three years when they would have to resign/retain these FA OGs, Wetzel, Tyeler Davison. et. al.. I dunno if it is worth it. They need six players in this draft who are able to step up. Last year exposed the Falcons' lack of depth and they have let some of the fillers from last year walk.
  19. Man you crazy
  20. Oh no, I agree if the compensation is not bad. I was mainly talking about a mock I saw where we give up next year's 1st as well. I am not remotely into that scenario. The ones you point out here I'd be fine with.
  21. How would a run on offensive linemen be irrational? Team building usually starts up front doesn’t it?
  22. Lmao
  23. BREAKIN NEWS!!!!!!! ALERT!!!!! BREAKIN NEWS!!!! "I'm Richard Belcher here at the Fulton County Courthouse where there was reported that a man by the name of 'Ya boi J' was spotted running down the street chasing an UPS driver. Seemed to be over some dispute of a package thrown on his porch. It was said that Mr boi J had some kind of weapon when he was chasing the driver. When we get more information, I will update you on the situation. Back to you in the studio, Jovita!"
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