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  2. Never worry about the salary cap with the Falcons. Just ask a couple cap board experts and they’ll tell you every time TD has got this. The salary cap is imagery. I finally accepted the fact that it doesn’t matter...it’s just a bunch of BS. Just go sign who you need....
  3. These mobile/running QBs are only as good as "that hit".......Vick's cryptonite was the Bucs and the Eagles.... I remember being in Tampa for a game...and Vick decided to run up the middle..and Derrick Brooks absolutely demolished Vick....Vick was never the same...Question is can Jackson recover from "that hit" that he will ultimately occur...especially after defenses now how more tape on him....watching that video brought back so many great memories of Vick...but i also recall how the Bucs and Eagles seemed to be in Vick's head....question is can Jackson keep specific teams out of his head, whom he thinks may have his number.....no matter what, he is so fun to watch
  4. Last one out the door please Turn Off the Lights.
  5. Gotta respect ole spiky hair on those hard core questions. He was pretty straight up and had the right answers. He’s in it to win it....good luck.
  6. Like I said, there should have been a full scale nation wide shutdown for at least one month with essential workers actually being essential and having to follow all CDC guidelines for containing the virus. What in john brown being a liberal, moderate, or conservative have to do with a public health issue escapes my good sense. I'll never understand why anti-maskers and conspiracy theorists shout "liberal idiots" from the rooftops for those who wear masks. What does that have to do with wearing a mask, dare I ask? Yes, continue to bask in your ignorance. Properly wearing the appropriate mask is such a small task for the benefit of public health. You call yourself an American patriot for standing up for your perceived constitutional rights. Make no mistake, hero you are not; more like a zero.
  7. Because basketballs cry other little tinier basketballs
  8. What the **** is "Bricka" and why would you choose that to represent the sound a motorcycle makes?
  9. I honestly have a hard time believing the NFL will complete its season.
  10. Today
  11. Newcomb needs to drink from Fried's water bottle.
  12. Suddeny MAGAspehere is going to be all we ❤️ the NFL anyway!
  13. If the democrats had any skill they would add this to the list of things that might be back to normal if Trump hadn't completely failed in his response to Covid19, and then mention that constantly. They won't of course, because they are terrible at things related to winning.
  14. Jesus Christ could part the heavens and speak to wfw personally, but he wouldn’t believe him if it went against his cult echo chamber.
  15. The video made me want to block someone and crush their ribs like that. But to each their own...
  16. Guys we were so wrong. Running on little more than erasing Obama, taking healthcare away from millions of people and putting minorities and Hillary Clinton in jail for reasons is actually some really great compromise.
  17. Lest never forget Vick came in, didn't learn the playbook, got coddled by Blank and Mora and still went: 38-28-1 with no Oline, no defense, and Crump and Fin as his top two targets Four other starting Falcon QBs went 9-20 on the same six teams Second best QB Falcon winning% as a 30+ game starter. If Ryan goes 8-8 this year he'll be first Sold out six straight Domes and put the Falcons back on the national map when Blank needed it most Went to three Pro Bowls in his six years as a Falcon and got his shoes sent to the Hall of Fame Kept plenty NFL DCs up late at night trying to figure out a WTH game plan Despite the Bird, the Bottle and the Bulls, he turned in a decent six year run for the Atlanta Falcons. I’ll never forget. Trust me.
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