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  2. Agree 100%
  3. That was just Kiper trying to come up with an answer that wasn't Rashan Gary imo. Kiper asks "What do you do if he plays at 270?". The obvious response being, play him at base end, move him inside on passing downs.
  4. Seems more playful than worried = /
  5. So we don't pick and choose what stats we want here they all are: Camargo Donaldson AB
  6. Love Takk. Love the confidence. Keep talking, kid. **** the haters.
  7. Kinda makes me no want him anymore. Im no expert though. Kinda depends what they want to do with grady though as others have said. According to this, are they essentially the same player?
  8. Ok so we’ll find out when the games start
  9. We play the Saints, Bucs and Panthers twice a year. Insane!
  10. Late round is fine, but we gotta stop wasting early picks on pass rushers cause they won't do well here until the interior DL is fixed.
  11. These are the same people who think sunglasses will hide their identities in case they have to call in a death threat.
  12. That didn't take long.
  13. Absolutely down with a Thanksgiving game!! Hate the Sunday night one though....
  14. Uh. . . What kind of Law School has an exam in mid April?
  15. Bad faith reasoning in order to own the libs, man.
  16. I like Pittsburgh's D as it feels like there's guys coming at teams from all different directions all the time. I am hopeful that at minimum, DQ will be dialing up more exotic looks and blitzes.
  17. To late for my blood,20 years ago,yeah I'd be with you,5am comes mighty early now
  18. The smart people can see this will be nothing but BS to the maximum. How can trumpsters be so fu.cking ignorant is what is amazing. (& wfw leads the pack)
  19. the braves are not gonna CHEAP their way into a championship... I fully expect Venters to be signed soon... oh, wait, they already did that...
  20. Better question: Why would Mueller even entertain ever sitting next to a guy who he knows is trying to BS the nation again?
  21. Only the trumpsters are defending a president far worse than Clinton ever was.
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