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  2. Dude.... he called her Pocahontas to a room full of Native American veterans -at the White House- and called her a total fraud after the DNA thing. Do you think he cares if anyone thinks he put his foot in his mouth??? His supporters don't care at all. I mean we're talking about people who defend obvious trash and when shown how they support trash they say it's great anyway and whoever Trump attacked deserved it.
  3. Dragon Quest XI is definitely a grind. The music sucks but it's a great JRPG grind though. It's also another example of how DQ just doesn't sell very well outside of Japan no matter how good it is. I still haven't beaten it lol but I'm a crappy gamer these days, I don't really stick to the games like I used to. The number of games I've started and not beaten or even gotten halfway through in the last 10 years is pretty crazy. Square is basically afraid to develop a new Final Fantasy game with an old school style battle system though. Back to at least 13 they have consistently commented on pushing an action style battle system because of the technology and common screen sizes now. Basically they think people would get very bored very quickly without the combat being simplified to a few repetitive button presses, essentially running on auto pilot and giving the gamer a bunch of cool HD particle effects to look at. I don't get it. 7 and 10 are still the highest grossing main line FF games by a wide margin... and I think 8 and 6 are the next ones. All turn based/ATB style. 7Remake at least looks like it tries to reinject the strategy elements of turn based with the action style controls... along with making long range attack characters situationally relevant. Feels like the decision to do episodic releases is a big fail, even if each one is a fully fleshed out feature length game. People aren't going to pay $60+ 3+ times for the full FF7 remake. Not to mention the fact that it will bleed across console generations and that will further cannibalize their earnings.
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  5. They are pretty "handy" with their feet too.
  6. If you slow It down you can see the DBs hand goes right between the WR’s.
  7. I am being optimistic. 3,,,, 2 more soon and another where the defense carries us.
  8. Should have caught that!
  9. That is killer!! I'm so psyched for that little guy! Good for him! Julio and Matt and Ridley....class acts. How can you not love this team??????
  10. Tell me you don’t see it...
  11. I really love the guys on this team. True leaders and good men.
  12. Sorry, but I can’t look at him and not see the Angry Barrack Obama Translator guy. It’s literally burned into my retinas.
  13. I didn’t agree. I said hire a good luck coach in hyperbole you casual
  14. Our Hall/Robinson/2nd major non-Julio deep threat.
  15. Can totally see Cominsky and Bailey here next year and Crawford not being brought back as natural FA, due to the bargain Bailey will be next year too. May only have to fix DE next year depending on Vic, etc...if these interior DL moves pan out. GJ, Senat, Cominsky, Bailey, and either Hageman/Davison depending on 2019’s...1 year deals.
  16. Hags has the ability but if his motor doesn’t rev at top level he won’t make it. The numbers are super tight on the interior and we already know a ton of guys are ahead of him.
  17. Most underrated comment on the boards today.
  18. For real man. I dont cry much but that almost got me.
  19. Looks like they're coming back to ground. They touched 600 but unfortunately they don't look like a 600 ball club. Can just hope they don't settle too low. They need some pitching help. And even though it's not going to happen, they do need more consistent hitting. This sleeping through 6 to 7 innings most of the time just isn't going to cut it in the long run, as we can see of lately.
  20. If Warren wins the nomination, Trump won't have to call her Pocahontas. The internet will meme her to death with it.
  21. Straight up class! Made that kids day, heck made my day. I'll be looking for him :-)
  22. You're assuming he meant Nuke. Sounded like he is stating that if we didn't care about civilians, the US can steamroll through any country in a WEEK. Especially in the context of "policing" a country of 80million people. A nuke would take an afternoon and would kill more than 10 million... Not that it matters since it was hyperbole. It's just interesting that every little thing the guy says gets interpreted through Hitler goggles.
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