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  2. True... Ryan has done his part. I can't fault him. He has been by far the best QB ever in the falcons franchise.
  3. We just need a change in staff... we need a coach with nuts to get these guys fired up!!!
  4. Dan Quinn: Nice guy, horrible coach.
  5. Not like they're gonna fill up if DQ gets fired midseason. And people going after Blank are clowns who don't realize how good the Falcons have it.
  6. It’s done folks, AB is gonna fire DQ by tomorrow. DQ may be coaching with SEA on the side lines next week in MBS. All those hits on Ryan finally had him inured. 11 hits and 3 sacks. Hope DK packs his bags too.
  7. This is our reality with the fools in our FO running this team.
  8. AB is the main reason it’s empty and btw I’m here every week that’s my fault but the product on the field sucks PSL cost Tix prices corporate crowd yeah AB ****ed it up
  9. You’re supposed to prove that at least one of those flights he was on was a pedo-party and that Clinton molested someone. And the really insulting part of all this is that you’re treating the boards like everyone is stupid. You’re throwing out fallacious arguments that are so transparently flawed, but for some reason you assume the people on the boards are so stupid that we will fall for them. Everybody knows that you wouldn’t accept this bulls*** if it was directed at Sanders. But for some unknown reason, you think people on the boards are going to be convinced of this nonsense.
  10. The large majority of fans, especially those who buy tickets, don’t live in Atlanta.
  11. Looks like a defeated man right there...
  12. nobody is taking on that contract...
  13. Fake news bro. only 2 out of the 5 olineman remain, your all world OC is gone, your defensive line has changed, your DBs are different minus tru and Allen, and tru is injured. You’ve got an overvalued De’Vondre Campbell and Deion Jones Playing average ball. this is not the same team. Period that kind of thinking will drive this franchise further into the darkness
  14. 71,000 possible seats for a Falcons game but 1,000 actual fans?
  15. Like it or not, the team is stuck with Ryan for a few more years
  16. I wonder if Blank knows anything about football other than what the scoreboard says???
  17. DQ will NOT hold any of the players accountable! Let alone himself...really don’t see anything appreciatively that we can say about anything related to this franchise!! 1 and 6 says it all!!
  18. Repost
  19. I miss the Dome.
  20. Though, to be fair and balanced, I guess I should look for a video of Trump on that plane, too.
  21. This is a shocking development. I really thought that DQ could coach. I never saw this coming, not even close.
  22. Good. I thought I was the only one that had no clue
  23. really? how old you? 15?
  24. You assume that I’m a Ryan homer. Second, you’re so full of **** it’s become not even funny. Ryan has only thrown for over 48k yds and over 300 TDs in his career. Only a handful of QBs, even on a pass happy league have accomplished that. His accomplishments speak for themselves. So internet tough guy and self-appointed football guru, what’s your football background? What type of offensive scheme do the Patriots run? What original offensive scheme does Koetter’s offensive scheme trace its roots back to? Show me some of your immense football knowledge, oh great one.
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