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  2. No, Matt is still available
  3. Lol. That’s a good one.
  4. Offense better had because I believe they need to go back to the past and let this team play with leads.Then DQ can let his Dawgs loose.I don’t get that feeling we’ll be in that sit back mode and let teams dictate to us but this requires cooperation from the other side of the ball. I’m expecting with the familiarity with Koetter this offense hits the ground running in fact it’s one of the demands I have from that side of the ball.The only thing stopping this is if Chris Morgan can’t gel these new pieces in his Oline together and they have growing pains. I’m beating the coaches drum there the ones that need to perform DQ cleaned house grabbed what he wanted now it’s time to earn his money and pony up.
  5. This.
  6. I don’t believe in magic. I believe in sacks, INTs, tackles, FFs, and PDefs only.
  7. It's too bad David Justice left before we promoted Rocker, I'd give a good amount of money to know how conversations on those post ball game road trips went down
  8. We need an OT no doubt. And as Matt goes, mostly so go the Falcons. On the other hand, if we could hit an impact starter at DE, a good starter at DT (or vice versa) and a rotational playmaking guy at CB...we could finally potentially have a defense than can help instead of one you just hope doesn't hurt you too much.
  9. He just made it up. Pulled it right out of his backside. Notice he won’t even say who said it, let alone provide a link. I never heard any pundit or anyone else say that last year and I do tend to remember quotes like that. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised how good we will be this year. With coaching changes we could have some hiccups early, but we don’t play division games until second half of season. Granted, we still need a couple of pieces, but we have 9 draft picks so after draft I will be happy to go over the roster with anyone. Ryan is going to have a real defense next year. The best one he’s ever had. I’m thrilled about this season.
  10. Don't forget: "Matt Ryan said he didn't want to play for the Falcons".
  11. I was never expecting any “big splash” signings this offseason. However, I was hoping there would be a player signing that would at least give me a slight feeling of comfort.
  12. Meat and Potaoes to me not one player jumps off the charts but there are a few guys there that will do jobs for us.
  13. You forgot the Duckett vs Dunn wars. That was all day, every day and all season long.
  14. I'd take Taylor or Dillard and feel great about it. These days RT is almost as valuable as LT.
  15. Really it ends up coming down to our DE's are going to have to step up. And I'm just not sure they can. Our LBs should be pretty good, fast, flowing. Our safeties should be good (if they can get over injury). Would prefer a rangier FS, but should be solid. CB with an addition should be pretty good (though I do have questions about Oliver in a full time role). But the DL...they're going to have to take a big step up. I still have hope for a DE and DT in the first 3 rounds, but even so they'll be rooks. I wouldn't have tethered myself to Vic personally, but him and Takk are going to have to really step up for this D to be what it needs to. If you rely on your front 4 for gotta have a front 4 that can get pressure. It's that basic. If they don't, you're toast. Let's hope DQ has some DL magic. Though if he does, don't know why he hasn't been using it.
  16. Here's what he had for us Atlanta Falcons » Round 1, No. 14 overall: Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson » Round 2, No. 45: Chase Winovich, edge, Michigan » Round 3, No. 79: Nate Davis, OL, Charlotte » Round 4, No. 117: David Montgomery, RB, Iowa State » Round 4, No. 137: Isaiah Johnson, CB, Houston » Round 5, No. 152: Oli Udoh, OT, Elon » Round 5, No. 172: Caleb Wilson, TE, UCLA » Round 6, No. 186: Cole Holcomb, LB, North Carolina » Round 7, No. 230: Xavier Ubosi, WR, UAB If it went this way for us, then I'd be satisfied. What are your thoughts? Link for the whole thing:
  17. Yes you have posted this before. So.we.just ignoring the fact that Julio put us in the position to win if we run 3 times? Im concentrating on what THIS team needs to win a championship. Its been demonstrated that THIS team can win a champiinship, and is far more likely to win a championship with Julio Jones. Not sure what makes you think otherwise, other than teams have won them without Julio Jones. Teams have won without Dee Ford and multiple other players you have rallied for as.well. Teams win championships without elite QBs. You wanna build a roster that way? Since there are only ahandful of elite receivers its far more likely.a team without one They dont win because they dont have one.
  18. Nothing on that post suggests they are dating. Whether they are or not idk but posts like these are common
  19. No he doesn’t and what Simmons did isn’t acceptable. BUT If you look into it further what he has done since this incident may give you that moment of pause on your opinion.Everyone deserves a second chance and like Hageman Simmons should well be afforded that. Again if like I mentioned he’ll no doubt have to pass the filter to be in the conversation of being drafted.If that’s clear I’d pull the trigger.
  20. No for nothing but he looks like what I imagine a Confederate congressman on that Wiess & Bienoff alternative history script that's never going to happen would look like...
  21. Yeah. We should have been better than we've been. I still think we need and OL and DT and DE and CB to really be where we need to be. But there's also not much excuse for this not to be a top 5 offense and the defense given all we've put into it in the drafts should be at least top 10. Doesn't have to be number 1 but with a defensive head coach and all the stuff added...should be top 10 at the least. If not, we know there's a problem.
  22. It also helps that everyone knows that Chipper is a dumb, drunk redneck. It's just sort of expected from him.
  23. The top receivers on the last ten Championship teams were Edelman, Ertz, Boldin, Gronk, Tate, Bay Bay, Colston, Jennings, and Cruz bro. Meanwhile Julio, OBJ, AB, DHop, Tyreek, AJ, Thomas, Fitz, Dez, Calvin, Moss and TO have a combined ZERO rings. Keep thinking we need an elite receiver to win a Lombardi.
  24. I wonder if he was even any good? (Australia isn't exactly the bastion of SJW culture) All I know is if your gonna have terrible opinions you better be good at what you do
  25. Glad he found his way out of that forest.
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