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  2. Regarding tweets created by Russian-controlled accounts...”Similarly, numerous high-profile U.S. persons, including former Ambassador Michael McFaul, Roger STone, Sean Hannity, and Michael Flynn Jr., retweeted or responded to tweets posted to these IRA-controlled accounts. Multiple individuals affiliated with the Trump Campaign also promoted IRA tweets.”
  3. Manafort colluded why else would he be sharing the polling data and giving briefings to Russian billionaires? I mean come on, that's such a bad lie to keep perpetuating Mdrake.
  4. God, just once couldn't that idiot be right?
  5. Ryan’s best years have been when he hasn’t had full audible authority
  6. Glad you agree that Sanders will beat Trump.
  7. I hate Twitter...... Moreso because of the people who just have to have an opinion about everything somebody says.
  8. Too stupid to collude, panicked and thought what he did was illegal when it really wasn't, and then toed the line on committing obstruction to cover up things that weren't illegal in the first place.
  9. About Russian disinformation efforts, the company behind it purchased Facebook ads... ”Collectively, the IRA’s social media accounts reached tens of millions of U.S. persons. Individual IRA social media accounts attracted hundreds of thousands of followers. For example, at the time they were deactivated by Facebook in mid-2017, the IRA’s “United Muslims of America” Facebook group had over 300,000 followers, the “Don’t Shoot Us” Facebook group had over 250,000 followers...According to Facebook, in total the iRA-controlled accounts made over 80,000 posts before their deactivation in August 2017, and these posts reached at least 29 million U.S. persons and ‘may have reached an estimated 126 million people’.”
  10. This is grounds to open impeachment investigations, Obstruction of Justice is a serious crime
  11. 5-7 I'm reading. He was James Conner's backup at Pitt. His combine stats are eerily similar to Conner's as well. 4.58 40 at the combine.
  12. "You called?"
  13. Lightly redacted my a**.
  14. Be tough, but at the same time don’t ruin a persons life unless violent crime is involved. The passage in 13 states of the “three strikes” laws (life in prison after being convicted of three felonies), made it necessary to build 20 new federal prisons. One of the most disturbing cases resulting from this measure was that of a prisoner who for stealing a car and two bicycles received three 25-year sentences.
  16. Agreed. People should just retain the same screen names for integrity and clarity.
  17. Impeach Volume II page 7
  18. Um.... ”Further, the Office learned that some of the individuals we interviewed or whose conduct we investigated — including some associated with the Trump Campaign — deleted relevant communications or communicated during the relevant period using applications that feature encryption or that do not provide for long-term retention of data or communications records.”
  19. If it was a crime to work with a Fence (rather than the thief) JR. would be in Jail. I figured as much when Barr asserted that it is not illegal to (essentially) collude with the folks who disseminated the hacked material, but did not do the actual hacking.
  20. Wow... where is he projected to go???
  21. I think Dansby has legitimately improved but he's very unlikely to ever put up #1 pick numbers honestly (I'm not seeing what Chipper Jones is seeing). If it happens it's going to be another 2-3 years down the road. Unlike other periods where he's been hot, he's hit with power this time, but he's likely to settle in around a .260-.270 BA. The real best player in that draft was Alex Bregman but that doesn't mean Dansby can't be a fine player.
  22. I don't understand the point of coming in under alternate screen names just to troll. I mean this place is already pretty much anonymous and you're behind a keyboard safe from any real consequences anyway. Why add the extra level of bitchassness?
  23. Duh, I should be getting paid.
  24. Wario stop **** posting
  25. Could have sworn I just looked and saw he has as many Ks as last year at this point. Maybe I should have worded it better. His approach is definitely better this year.
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