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  2. Do practice tests before hand. Its all mental. Just gotta get your mind right. The more you do the more comfortable you will get with it. Just my 2 cents lol
  3. 32 - Heartbreak.
  4. I think being brutally honest would help Snitker to be a better manager.
  5. Protect Beasley. At all costs! /purp
  6. Well ****.....once again just saying the ugly part out loud.
  7. Rip to not having the Misbehaving song stuck in your head
  8. The problem is that I know how to do it, I just get overwhelmed taking tests and can't remember how to do anything.
  9. McKay decay. This rings true Op
  10. I guess we're to the point where we are not happy with anyone. I've been critical of Matthews in the past for the penalties and whatnot. However, Jake does play a tough position, and he does what he can to protect Ryan. Yes, there are better LTs, but not many. I can think of other players I'd rather see go than Matthews. With so many players not performing well, it has to be coaching. Here's to hoping Atlanta can finally find the HC that they've been searching for since 1966.
  11. OP is right that we have a ton of problems and Beasley is only one of them. Extending Beasley at the price we paid for him showed that something was badly wrong, and that was a front office + coaching problem.
  12. Well I am starting a watch for the most points allowed for a 16 game season. Baltimore Colts 533 in 1981. So lets keep the train rolling. Seahawks 45 Falcons Sorry thats all I got left for this week.
  13. I get a headache every time someone mentions Lincoln Riley. Dude has had veterans playing QB most of his career.
  14. LOL!!!
  15. I’d settle for a fifth of something. It doesn’t even have to be good.
  16. Really talking bout yourself in third person on a messageboard?
  17. Sanu's Name was out there before then.
  18. I think this is one of the last times it was presented. RW was the first receipt and held it the longest. We gotta have a fan mutiny and bring the stick back.
  19. This guy obviously got hit on the head with a coconut...
  20. We self-medicated. Now we self-medicate while online.
  21. Sadly, I hit zero shortly after the Texans game.
  22. You are right lol...we don't learn our lesson.
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