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  2. We need more union workers.
  3. I think we can be a contender once again. Keep the defense healthy but I think this 'upgraded' OL must EXECUTE and show they're an upgraded line. We MUST convert the 3rd/4th downs with less than two yards into first downs and especially in the Red Zone/Goal Line. IF we can do that, then that tilts the time of possession to our favor and impacts BOTH defenses leaving ours fresh and rested and leaving the opposition's tired and sucking wind in the 4th quarter. Do that, and we're at least a 12-4 team next season and back into the playoff/SB hunt.
  4. Players don’t pay that though do they. Surely they'd have things like trusts and businesses where there money can be deducted against there earnings or is that not how the US tax system works. I know here in my country my business account everything I earn and buy goes through so I can write as much as I can off.
  5. Gibbs can play. That's a 4 star RB.
  6. looks like june really will be the end of may
  7. How so? Defense’s aren’t dictated by names on paper you still gotta play. McCoys a great player but there are a lot of variables that go into it before making a call like this. Again this is the name association bit because he’s been great somewhere else he’s going to be great here.
  8. That’s awesome., I’m jealous. Were you there for the infamous crossing of the Mara when the crocs take care of business?
  9. Maybe if we split up California then he'd stop complaining.
  10. well at least hes not riding jet skis
  11. I saw that Duke tweet yesterday and thought the exact same thing man lol. Well said. OLine going up against coaches... Receivers running at half speed... Folks actually believe Julio should be watching or participating this clown show. The watching part is even funnier to me. Julio is grinding on his own, but people would rather he sit and watch like it's pee wee league football? He ain't a coach...he has access to everything everyone else does in terms of film and playbooks. It's a joke.
  12. this kind of goes along with wfw, red&black, and steve's instant dismissiveness of millennials as generally having some character flaw, failing to 'understand' the greatness of a society dominated by the whims of private capital, or becoming 'useful idiots'. know we vote right? the senior conservatives that make up your base aren't exactly an expansive demographic. but then you couple their attitude with their flippant response to making society more democratic and it's clear that when capital is actually threatened, democracy will absolutely be one of the first things on the chopping block.
  13. They let you have both pencil and pen? Thats a recipie for mayhem. ill take the overall record, but loosing to the cards? just not in the cards
  14. Really interesting. Some states have fixed rates, Cali like you mentioned has a variable rate though. Thanks for the info.
  15. Sounds like a ******** al qaeda mother ******
  16. but what if he was....
  17. somehow fate would have it as more likely for him to get hurt at an official team sanctioned event.
  18. LOL that ranking is garbage. 6 out of 8? NFCS contains a HOFer and 2 MVP QBs and they put the AFCEast above them? Jameis as bad as he can be would be a godsend for any of the AFCE teams except New England.
  19. i don't understand why guys like worzone keep repeating '2 states' as an actual argument as if 'arbitrary geographical distribution of population' is somehow more representative than a national popular vote. we've had two minority administrations in a span of five elections. like even the most cynical conservative that honestly recognizes the electoral college as the vehicle for maintaining minority control over the federal government that it is has to recognize this can't be a blueprint for longterm political or social stability.
  20. I believe it can be reasonably argued Ryan is the best QB in the NFL coming into the 2019 season. I believe that was also true in 2016. I’m breaking his QB play out from thr rest of the team and coaching staff to draw that conclusion and also looking at the declining arm of Brees and the increasing reliance in the system and support of others, for Brady in New England.
  21. Cam's shoulder issues and Winston being a train wreck every other week is what led to 6th. Not to mention we all know Ryan is disrespected in the media. All they see is Drew Brees and 3 other guys in the NFC South. You can argue we are #1.
  22. You had me LMAO at losing to the Cardinals and that Arizona will put up more points than the Vikings, Colts and @New Orleans!
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