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  2. Game of Thrones...... Go Braves
  3. No. I'm talking about not trading. Chargers take Vick 1 and we get their draft LT and Brees in the 2nd. That was what was being mocked to the Falcons before the trade. It doesn't really matter I suppose. The Falcons needed a franchise QB. Too bad it wasn't Vick.
  4. Never heard Snitker talk about analytics in the glowing way that Washington just did.
  5. Just finished the 2nd episode and it was great, better than last week's imo.
  6. Not getting a Fire TV. I just got this new 4K Roku which I love. Everything on it is crystal clear except for the ESPN app. ESPN needs to get their act together.
  7. So let me make sure I’m clear. 1. I never predicted Hageman would even make the team this year. 2. I only said I’m excited about his potential based on how he played in late 2016. So how is it if he gets cut that means I was wrong about anything? Please explain your nonsensical position. This is yet another example of another baseless personal attack on me by some nobody (never even seen your screen name before) for me simply being excited that Hageman has the potential to really help us later this year.
  8. Big fan of Washington from his Texas days... Snit is okay but Washington is a thinker and tinkerer not afraid to try different stuff but has thought about it.
  9. That’s what she said?
  10. Just for you
  11. get an HDMI SWITCH run your computer to your tv or get a Fire TV
  12. We draft LT tyen whos to say tye Chargers dont either take Brees at 5? Theres just no way of.knowing how tye draft changes.
  13. Rob Manfred does not like this game. An hour and a half in the 4th. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I would kill to have Ron Washington as the manager!!
  15. This is an unusually deep draft. There's 4-5 DLine prospects that could be Probowlers in a few years. Then there's the CB and OLine positions. Then 2 LBs that are going to be immediate impact guys. This is not some every year draft where 1 or 2 great players will be found. This is going to go down as one of the deepeat drafts in my opinion.
  16. Why get rid of Snit though? He's not responsible for the bullpen's woes...
  17. It’s all good man be easy on that cognac
  18. No but it's still 50 inches!
  19. Not necessary. Quinn ran a defense in Seattle that had two first round picks on it, Irvin and Thomas, both drafted at 15 and 14. The soon to be highest paid player on Falcons D was a 5th round pick. Keep scouting Quinn, you'll get that you need.
  20. @g-dawg The thing is could we pull a Dolphins and Raiders draft trade like the one they did in 2013? The Raiders did not originally have a 2nd round pick in that draft due to the acquisition of Carson Palmer. Dolphins went from 12 to 3 for a 2nd.
  21. the why the new (looked better on tv) the old
  22. If they get rid of Snitker they could do a lot worse than Ron Washington at manager
  23. LOL@Culberson...
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