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  2. I am hoping 2-14. Dairy Queen gets his Rah Rah win against the Buccs at the end.
  3. It is an offensive league you need to score. Then a vet DC. We had decent defenses under Phillips and Zimmer, find a vet in that realm.
  4. “I can see a Gnats vs Yankees series.. but I **** sure won't watch it.”
  5. Punched in the mouth Pushed around Sloppy, Undisciplined play Penalty Ridden Laying down on the field like a wet Whore Boring, predictable game plans Failing to adjust to what the other team is doing Quitting But the Worst is not yet happened! That will occur within the next few weeks! The Seahawks, Rams, Saints, and Panthers are licking their chops !!!!
  6. We need to get pick numero uno.. Trade the pick for a ransom... And then lets build that nasty D line that we really miss.
  7. Hes an fa in 10 games, why would anyone give a pick for him?
  8. It will be a miracle season 10 straight wins and monkies will be flying out my ***...and the wizard will give me a brain for being a Falcons fan.
  9. This current Falcons team is basically a 10-6 offense with an 0-16 defense. Mix that up you have a 5-11 team which sounds about right, but this Falcons team may not even get to 5-11 now.
  10. .... this is the stupid timeline. I am convinced that’s the multiverse we are in
  11. Absolute galaxy brain ****
  12. True that
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2019 Democratic Party
  14. Said no one ever!
  15. Assuming Quinn stays, 1-15, his defense is so dysfunctional. If he's fired at the bye or before, then possibly as high as 4-12, it's already a lost season, they missed their time to try and save the season, by letting him go a few weeks ago.
  16. Yeah, just not the one you want.
  17. I would dissect this... But I'm going to agree for a different reason I say keep him atleast until the end of the season.....It's going to be a really good thing to have the number one overall draft choice... And I'm being serious.....
  18. Egos.
  19. I haven’t heard of this defense. What is it?
  20. Shouldnt have never came down to a FG against a 1-3-1 team to begin with. That team should have never scored 34 points.
  21. well today... we really needed at least 34 in regulation time; 33 was just a little outside of the margin of error.
  22. I want bieniemy too. Whoever the new coach is. They need to fix or gut the defense. And get a d coordinator who is aggressive in creating tos
  23. They have to gel. Or so other posters say.
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