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  2. Jets might want to trade but i doubt anyone wants Allen or Quinnen THAT badly
  3. #WhatWeKnewWeKnew
  4. Whoever picks here, I have to believe it's DT. Williams or Oliver.
  5. Trying to get the best offer.
  6. Hmmmmmmmm
  7. Jets on the phone trying to trade out per Scheffter
  8. Go away Dak
  9. if the falcons trade for Williams, it would be now
  10. In before Mash piles on like Paul Worrilow.
  11. It won't take long
  12. I think they're probably content understanding a equal level player will get to them
  13. He'll play it cool and not talk politics, I hope.
  14. Freaking commercial.....
  15. Cutthroat business for sure!!!
  16. Jets bleeding clock...what happens here
  17. Depends on what Jets do and if they trade...then we will talk. If neither QW or EO are taken at pick's up to what the Raiders do. If somehow BOTH of those guys pass pick 4...then we may pull trigger with NYG at 6. I doubt we go higher.
  18. Will be very surprised if this pick isn’t traded.
  19. It wouldn't surprise me to see the Bucs move up here.
  20. They were saying how he was on the AZveteran mini camp or something.
  21. Are #4 and #5 looking to go DT? If they are its the only shot at getting them.
  22. It will be interesting how quick Bosa alienates people in SF with his Trump support
  23. I don't think it'll be us, but I do expect a trade
  24. Next time throw bigger bricks at him.
  25. The two picks everyone knew are now done. Now the draft begins.
  26. Do we bother trading to #3 if both QW and EO are there? I doubt it.
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