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  2. Thank you so much!!
  3. Sounds like an expectations thing to me. When we drafted him, every NFL scout in the nation knew he was raw and would need time to develop. I’m sure Roddy White was a massive disappointment to you as well. Until he came on his 3rd season. Same with DE Patrick Kerney. 3rd season. Both Roddy and Kerney were 1st rounders, Hageman was a 2nd rounder.
  4. I like what we got at the grocery store
  5. Sure, as long as all those routes are drags.
  6. You do a disservice to MT when you say that. Dude is an elite wide receiver who runs every single route extremely well
  7. 20 mil per? That's a lot of drag routes.
  8. Highlights enjoy.
  9. Yes I was there for the 3 games in his career he was worth a ****. So to recap. Massive disappointment 2014, 2015 and most of 2016, then showed out and got himself nearly blackballed. What part of that doesn't say massive disappointment to you?
  10. Exactly
  11. Bridgewater is a complete mystery for them
  12. Were you in a coma in late 2016 and 2016 playoffs? Middle of his 3rd season he came on strong. We knew he was a raw project that was going to take time to develop when we drafted him.
  13. Keep watching.
  14. What role is that? A massive disappointment?
  15. He’s got good power and plays with good leverage. In all those snaps I didn’t see him get pushed back once, I only saw him get jammed up once at LOS when he was Double teamed by center and OG, otherwise he was moving forward, pushing offensive lineman back every snap. Our lines on both sides are no longer get pushed around or blown off the LOS....I’m super excited about this.
  16. Awesome, I think he really wanted to be here all along. He’s a strong, yet nimble dude. He’ll be a welcomed sight on our revamped Dline!
  17. Patriots brought him in for a visit too.
  18. Yep. Quinn has been running bottom of the roster guys with the ones in trining camp since hes been here. Hes always mixing and matching.
  19. The Great Gazoo Grants you this one wish PokerSteve, when you wake up tomorrow
  20. At one point there was interest from both Carolina & Seattle too. Noyce!
  21. Quinn always ran backups with the 1’s. Only way to see what you have.
  22. They must remember when Drew Brees is gone, it’ll seem like a wasted fortune. Not because Brees makes him who he is, but rather that he’ll not benefit from one of the greatest QBs of this decade.
  23. Didn't know he was from GA either
  24. Well let's be honest. Is it really a bad thing if it's the saints?
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