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  2. He came close looking at his watch after 7 minutes, sending a text to get him the h.ell out of there...Deez folks is cray cray
  3. He's not and I honestly have a hard time believing that anyone even came close to offering what dumb**** AA did.
  4. Our starting pitching is no match in the playoffs either.
  5. H3ll you’ll have a bullseye when you play well too. Beasley has a bullseye after 2016. I don’t think what he said is overconfident. At all.
  6. I'll never figure out why ****, ****, and **** are blocked but *****ing isn't. EDIT: Oh wait, *****ing isn't unblocked anymore? It used to be!!
  7. Starting pitching isn't a problem. The current guys on the roster (Teheran, Fried, Gausman, Soroka) have pitched to a 2.83 ERA. Gonna be even better when Folty comes back.
  8. Works for the Dems, I see why you would like it.
  9. The sensitivity filter word rhymes with wham...
  10. I hope Donaldson was worth it.
  11. He just needs a chance.
  12. Who cares? You guys overvalue the whole bulletin board material thing.
  13. Would you grade our bullpen is excellent or best ever?
  14. Hey, don't bring me into this discussion, I haven't freaked out once this year.
  15. I think they over-estimated the ability of the bullpen for sure, not sure I'd **** AA for that alone though...
  16. Good Lord, man.
  17. Overconfident and arrogant is another tho, now he has a bullseye on him. If the d doesnt do well, he's gonna be a guy that gets blamed alot
  18. Lineup has a bunch of streaky hitters in it too. They shouldn't be expected to score 5 a game but these last 2 games are just as pathetic for the offense as the bullpen.
  19. I was always the smaller guy bro. And I still ran big guys over. Like free does. But like you said I knew when to do it. Big guys always cane up to me after games and gave me props cause I wouldn’t go down on 1st contact and would also deliver a blow. I don’t know I just knew they couldn’t f*ck with me too so that leveled the playing field. And if you got the best of me on a play I came back the next play and made you pay for it. Playing games like throw em up bust me up in the hood gave me that kind of confidence because I was always the smallest guy but the hardest to catch and tackle. Same in the pool playing duck duck goose. Heck everything I was ever involved in lol. Baseball
  20. Webb shows promise--he threw strikes...
  21. No, I hope they are just besides themselves with rage, rage they cannot stop them from making the best political move the GOP could hope for. Having said that the Dems have no chance in 2020 anyways. But why not coast to a SB victory instead of being on the edge of your chair.
  22. Also, regarding the “collusion”, that appears to have been a close call in some cases. Regarding the Trump Tower meeting... There are reasonable arguments that the offered information would constitute a ‘thing of value’” under the law, the report states, “but [we] determined that the government would not be likely to obtain and sustain a conviction.” “[T]he government would unlikely be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the June 9 meeting participants had general knowledge that their conduct was unlawful,” it reads at another point. “The investigation has not developed evidence that the participants in the meeting were familiar with the foreign-contribution ban or the application of federal law to the relevant factual context. The government does not have strong evidence of surreptitious behavior or efforts at concealment at the time of the June 9 meeting” — though there was evidence of an attempt to hide it later.”
  23. This is why it's so easy for me to talk **** about the next person talking ****. I paid my dues
  24. Almost seems like 567 reproduced when he has angry..
  25. Until Braves fix the BP, add a true #1 sp. Braves wont be contenders.
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