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  2. Or for not playing for the FG in SB51. Bryant would have been the hero, but Shanny and Danny had to get fancy with the play calls.
  3. Blank needs to hire football people that can manage football players, and get the heII out of the way.
  4. I agree. Everytime someone mentions 2016 I say the same exact thing. That ship sailed after the super bowl was over. time to move on
  5. 0-16. The Falcons will find a way, even with already having a win.
  6. Yea to the anti tankers how'd those 3 wins at the end of last year work out for us? Provided ZERO momentum going into this season and gave us a middling draft position. Worst outcome possible.
  7. People need to stop living in 2016 all together and realize that this team (with its coaches) are going nowhere fast.
  8. In a lot of ways DQ reminds me of another former AFHC,Jerry Glanville.The players at first bought in to his gimmicks,though a former player,HOFer Warren Moon,said"they'll get tired of him".They did and the team started losing.Thats whats happened here,he calls a D that everyone knows how to beat,but refuses to change.JG biggest guy on D was Tim Green at 245! He refused to change and the rest is history.
  9. Not me = not everyone
  10. Just tell DQ & Y'ALL play it like Pre-season & rest guys so they won't get hurt...the way Beez plays, thats what hez doin
  11. In my dreams we don’t win another game. However since this franchise loves crushing my dreams we’ll probably win 6-7 miss the playoffs and draft a guy with a 4th round grade with our first round pick.
  12. Stop blaming fans when the team is a horrible product. People have enough worries in their lives and shouldn't have the burden of supporting a local sports team that always fails. Teams don't get loyal fan bases for simply existing. It's not our fault these are bad teams.
  13. And that’s the point you don’t have to spend heavily on defense to win. It’s about the scheme and coaching. Look at how much Cleveland invested in their defense and where has it got them?
  14. George Clooney is too old.
  15. But Beez is such a "nice guy"...just like JA98....that & 10cents still gets me 10cents!
  16. At least they have toughness on their side.
  17. It's over bro, Dan is done for in the NFL
  18. Myself as well.
  19. Dig those threads up bro....people were ready to run this guy out of town
  20. Wrong. Everyone didn’t hate him. I wanted him here for a long time.
  21. Ish is the worst. He wouldn’t make any other team except the Falcons.
  22. Neither will ever get a ring.
  23. 5 pages and people are still missing..
  24. Everyone hated this guy in 2015. The AFMB loves to have its cake and eat it too.
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