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  2. This ump sucks balls
  3. Sarcasm isn't necessary. Did she lose significant support? Did she factually prove her case? Did she get forced out of the race for POTUS? None of that.
  4. Freaking scrubs
  5. Who am I to steal a dream from another person? She won bro.
  6. He actually did Show me proof she lost? Just because you "want" her to have lost doesn't mean the final calculation results in a loss of support for her
  7. bull pen is just a piece of poop sorry
  8. This is all your fault.
  9. Braves do have scouts watching Bumgarner tonight.
  10. I'm digging that new pic @g-dawg
  11. Bring your best down here and play our game yeah that’s dumb argument. Fact is your players are using our tackling technique because you guys are crap at it.Worst of all is generations of players have been taught incorrectly and it shows in the NFL.Probably are still being taught that way too. Take away the helmet and pads see how that works out.
  12. Yeah....he lost on that one bro.
  13. Challenging someone to something you KNOW they will never do is ******* stupid. There has to be a possibility that they would take the challenge for it to matter that they "back out" of it. That's kind of how Trump failed in his effort to de-legitimize Elizabeth Warren. He gambled and lost. She did the test and proved she has Native DNA. Irrefutable.
  14. aaannndddddd Swarzak has demonstrated why he hasn't even been a thought as closer
  15. man ole man
  16. come on swarzak
  17. I have no doubt Trump could take Booker in a throw down.
  18. **** if have to listen to these Royals fans tomorrow
  19. good lord
  20. The one time Swarzak makes a mistake.
  21. that bullpen of the braves...
  22. OMG Braves, it's KC. Get it together.
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