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  2. I'm gonna like this guy eat my a$$
  3. lol we are usually on the opposite sides of most things although we agree every now and then but we have always respected the others opinions and atleast discussed it and tried to understand why the other person likes it a certain way. If we couldn't agree we just moved along no harm done and talked it out on whatever the next subject was that came along. I appreciate that you think that way though bro you alright to me.
  4. I like Ty, an.I.really like.McGary.
  5. not ATG, not impressive
  6. I’m good with both picks
  7. They had a plan and they definitely stuck to it. Koetter is getting his line.
  8. She sounds hideous.
  9. Yeah had to wake up soon anyway but I woke up for another reason in which I won’t reveal im looking around on twitter about both picks. Seeing nothing but good things from everyone outside of fans who never even heard of both guys. Definitely interested in McGary as I’m not completely sold on Ty
  10. Lol at people saying we gave up a 2nd and a 3rd
  11. lol dag bro you up early now that I think about it. just got back from end game in Hawaii just realized it's 4 over there. but yeah, it's a really good read when you get a chance
  12. Losing a 3rd stings because they are valuable picks where we often do good work. However, with 7 picks left we do still have plenty of bites of the apple. There is obviously going to be talent available in the 4th and 5th round that we like and we have plenty of picks left to be able to add several of them or to move around the draft board to get the ones that we really like. We can make some moves up the draft board and still come away with at least 7 selections. i really don’t get the “sky is falling” view on our Defense. We’ve been spending most of our draft capital there for the last 5 years. Yes we clearly still have some needs there, but we need mid round role players and depth as much as anything. We can’t keep spending first round picks on DEs and CBs.
  13. My issue right now is that I just woke up with no glasses and can only see out of one eye right now lol, not to mention I’m looking on the phone. But I’m definitely going to read when I get to work. I’m actually satisfied with both picks unlike the rest of the board who didn’t get their way
  14. The Davison and.Clayborn signings are.super underrated. We now.have 2 legitimate 0/1 techs to stop the run ,and keep IOL out of the second level. Resigning Clayborn, and promoting Means gives us good.edge setters with average (Means), and above average (Clayborn) pass rush ability. And then there is the wild.card, the Hangman. Hageman must be in incredible shape, and look impressive in drills for this team to give him.a.second chance after the ****** taste he left in our mouths. He must have also appeared to have matured as a person, because im suprised we even sat down with him.
  15. Lol it’s a bunch of twitter videos and stuff. If you just wanna get the meat the text isn’t too long of a read. The article is about scouting mistakes but happens to use Kaleb as the case study which was pretty cool once I heard we drafted him. Basic synopsis was he’s a road grader who can excel in a pass blocking scheme based around play action...sounds like a good fit.
  16. Gotta read this book at work on the computer
  18. Actually recognized this obscure name from reading this scouting article a few weeks ago teaching how to account for obscure techniques taught by coaches that could look like weaknesses to the untrained eye.
  19. Because we need defensive help and blew the Day 1 & Day 2 picks on offense. Historically, after round 3 you see steep decline in players that are effective NFL players The idea is to find 4-5 rookies who contribute. To reach that goal, it’s better to have more bites at the apple
  20. Some interesting thoughts here about the Falcon picks.
  21. We all knew everyone would be disappointed with the picks.
  22. If only it were that simple What have we upgraded on FA? OL What did we use 2 first round picks on? OL We sucked cheecks vs the run last did we improve that?
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