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  2. Well they might as well go up to 1 and get Quinnen Williams if that’s the strategy.
  3. @WhenFalconsWin, you man never ceases to make me LOL. A 'D' in 2020 for sure.
  4. The President cannot mobilize the national guard. The national guard is a state level entity that falls under DOD but each state operates their own national guard. Only the governor can mobilize the national guard. Texas has had the Texas national guard assisting Border Patrol on and off for 10+ years. When I did it, Obama was president. Reserves are federal and they only get activated for deployments or training. When the president says he's sending armed troops somewhere, he's talking about mobilizing regular active duty units. Those units train for specific roles in fighting wars. They don't train for or care about nonexistent threats on the border. If you send active duty units to the border, they're going to walk around and sit around doing nothing... because there is no one coming across that border trying to have shoot outs. It's a colossal waste of time and money.
  5. Plus, the $15.2 million helped, too.
  6. You are brave. Or dumb. I can't tell...for engaging on that particular topic lol (disclaimer: I completely agree with you and you know it) Re: OP. This is a big year for Devonta. Call it make or break perhaps. Not only for his time in Atlanta but potentially his career. If there is one position in the NFL that is the most easily replaceable it is a RB that is oft injured. Devonta is one of my favorite backs and I wish him well. For me it's not a matter of talent, he has it in spades. He just needs to stay healthy and he will be a pro bowler.
  7. Gotta agree with Fatboi on this one. We made a bunch of mistakes, but that was the dagger.
  8. It’s football. Let him go out there and ball. If he gets hurt again, that’s just how it goes. If he plays tentatively, he’ll definitely get hurt.
  9. I dont know why folks belive coaches and GMs this time of year lol. Ive listened to several different GM pre draft pressers and they all literally say the same thing. They all say that they are open and have had converastions about trading up or down and that they are confortable where they are. And every other answer is either vague or evasive.
  10. This thread took a decisive turn!
  11. These poor people that are coming here would love to be in the shoes of "our poor people" who would be nearly kings in their country. Sure we have people that doesn't have as much as other's but... Anyone that was taking him seriously in the first place is desperate for any Dems hopeful. Simple fact there are no hopefuls. Trump in 2020 in a landslide.
  12. This just in, Trump only tipped a waitress 50%...high crimes and misdemeanors... Oh, and that was supposed to be pizz, not oizz.
  13. With Barr's testimony about a week away, I thought this was a really good LawFare post about questions to ask Barr... It's a rather short read.
  14. i doo . insert poo emoji here ________
  15. Oh wait, I just saw where Trump is being investigated for writing personal checks for items he wanted from his charitable fund. WhooHoo, nothing wrong there huh? JFC
  16. Something like... We're picking Oliver - that guy is the sh...z!
  17. Now you know that is where the deepest thinking goes on!
  18. Almost every year 3-4 QB’s go in the top-10, and 5 or 6 guys the “experts” insisted would go in the top-10 drop outside it. Not only will Wilkins absolutely still be there at 14, but Ed Oliver could very easily be there. Nobody should be surprised when Murray, Haskins, Lock, and Jones all go top-10.
  19. How many is he up to now?!
  20. Awesome....would love for this to happen. Devin and Jones at LB.....I can already smell top 10 D.
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