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  2. How do you have a defense that is this bad? How can a defense go this long without a sack? The Rams were able to get as many sacks on Ryan in the last game, as the Falcons have had for the entire season. What are they working on in practice? How is DQ a defensive-minded coach, but not able to get this unit to at least play with the basic fundamentals? Some of these players have played well in the past, but now it's like they've all regressed for this season; how is that even possible? It's not bad luck. Why is this defense just out on the field going through the motions and not playing hard or smart? The Falcon's defense is a monumental embarrassment.
  3. I have and did. And Quinn is gone too
  4. This was an effective blitz don’t understand why we don’t see much more considering how poor the defense has been playing!
  5. Yeah, I’d still recommend Amelia Island or Ponte Vedra instead. Berkshire Hathaway is building some condos on the river in Darien so I guess McIntosh is getting somewhat more upscale.
  6. Me & you both . All these people in this thread not even a whole year later were sayin “pay the man” now it’s “our team is mismanaged” lmfaoo .
  7. I agree. Chase Young seems like the answer. But I was just talking about this with @vel, you gotta consider trading down with the QB prospects in this draft. If someone gives us two 1st's and two 2nd's for Justin Herbert? Man....
  8. Just to pile on, Grady Jarrett was an accident that was meant only to be another body in the middle.
  9. 71 million invested in both lines once you account for the restructures and Grady coming off the TAG
  10. I think i am going to watch the pats more this year than ever Bill is putting on a defense 101 clinic to the league its time to take notice.
  11. Totally and for him to be a defensive specialist should greatly increase the embarrassment of a defense he calls plays for!
  12. spotrac says it's in real time so I'm not sure. Maybe that is just financially and not cap wise? I was thinking about that too.
  13. agree w/ all of it. Falcons offense can get right in a hurry if the O-Line can gel and be coached up. In theory there should be enough talent to do so. As to the 2020 draft - if we end up with the 3rd or 4th pick in the draft (assume QBs go 1,2) we need to get the best player in this draft. If Chase Young is the next Cameron Jordan/Myles Garrett - then he needs to be a Falcon. I really want to go passrusher if that is the best player on the board. Falcons were looking at other positions when we missed by one spot Khalil Mack and passed over Aaron Donald. Falcons desperately need a true star player on defense.
  14. Was just thinking about these moves driving into work this morning!
  15. It has been very inconsistent for sure. It seems like it looks good one week and sucks the next.
  16. IKR, rather than be cute with this tit for tat banter, just fkg lay it out there. Geesh!
  17. Agreed although I'm not sure we save the full $12.8m. My understanding is salary is paid in 17 weekly installments. Given the 5th year option is made up entirely of salary, if we traded him tomorrow I think we'd be on the hook for 7 weeks of his salary .
  18. Vic always loved basketball. It would have been his desired path if he wasn’t more athletically dominant at football early in his playing days.
  19. That's embarrassing. This may be the worst stat of them all. Even if you suck at rushing the qb, you'll run into one or two on accident every now and again. ****.
  20. I’d have traded him in 2018 when he refused to attend OTAs and threatened to hold out. Make him the highest paid WR in the NFL when at age 30 With 11,000 yards on the clock was a mistake IMO.
  21. This tweet cracked me up!!!
  22. When you do something big like becomes the expectation from everyone. It's why everyone is so much harder on Vic than Takk. That great season feels like a million years ago now and many of us have forgotten just good of a year that really was. Vic was 1st team all pro along with Matt and Julio. That's crazy.
  23. When did we had a salary cap issues? We never did!!! The Falcons knew what they were doing with those extensions and contracts. They have many players that can be cut and some traded. You guys are acting like you know what the Falcons roadmap is going forward and acting like online accountants. The front office is not that stupid to jeopardize the future with a few contracts. Next year, you guys will see that Cap issue was never a big deal, rather it was a big dramatic deal on these threads and some online tracking tool.
  24. When you neglect the interior DL for better part of a decade bad things happen.
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