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  2. Get on with the draft...Im getting tired of all these signings...I hope they all work out...but non of these are making me excited...
  3. No jail here
  4. This does not relate to Hageman. He did not kill anyone.
  5. No it was a fluke. Beasley in 2016 was converting pressures (which weren't relatively many) into sacks at an absurdly high rate.
  6. Asking questions and having to be hands on with players who have been in the league for more than 2 seasons aren’t the same. At this point there’s no need for Quinn to say he’s going to make Beasley love him or hate him by the end of April/May.
  7. Yep. Or Sean Weatherspoon vs Brandon Graham, that was a pretty brutal time on these boards.
  8. I agree with TD. We're in a really good place with our recent depth signings, and things definitely got even better with Hageman back on the DL. So many good pieces have been added already. Starting to get really fired up for this draft. Quinn and TD have been burning the midnight oil. They probably know every conceivable pick scenario that could happen down to #14 by heart and they will be locked and loaded. You never know, but this could turn out to be our .... Lombardi Trophy draft.
  9. Well, he isnt the next Peyton, so I guess you'll never live that one down.
  10. Waste of time.
  11. Funny how the results are totally different with a different HC. When you split time periods between coaches, it's apparent.
  12. I agree on the stunts for sure. That's where we thrived in 2016 and that's why I think Quinn really saw the need to takeover. Now I will say all these additional signings are more than likely for the purpose of being flexible. Can't survive off of stunts so we need to have some options in there that can rush from different spots and different types. These things will help to get to that top 10 status that we covet.
  13. Roscoe's Chicken, perhaps?
  14. Good Good. Happy to have him back. Very low cost move, if we see he doesn't have "it" he will cut during preseason. Hopefully he can come in and contribute as a reserve.
  15. **** we should bring back Collins as well.
  16. Regardless, he was killed by someone Driving Under the Influence (DUI).
  17. I think if he wanted to be in the top 10 we should have played for in..... instead of win now trade away our future now
  18. My two cents.....the guy gets another chance. Hopefully he’s motivated to use his god given ability and reaches his potential. If he’s does ...he’s a tremendous asset on the cheap. If he can’t do it....then cut him. No one really knows what’s going to happen.....but there is a big ray of hope at the end of the tunnel. I gotta pull for the kid.
  19. Good points. Haha justin zimmer, shede should be fine.
  20. That's vehicular homicide and is not a midemeanor. Far more people die in non-intoxicated accidents.
  21. Not on "your sack", just asking a question. You seem to be upset at the 2-3 out of 25 who were excited by the signing. Actually willing to bet that all the over the top guys were all joking and you're literally posting about something that doesn't exist. The overwhelming vibe from this thread is, good signing, go prove it, not OMG SHEDE'S BACK, SUPER BOWL!
  22. Why arent we doing his whole tenure and just his last 6? Why don't we do his last 4? 36-27. 3-2 in the playoffs. 1 Superbowl appearance. TD is the best Falcons GM ever and it isn't close.
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