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  2. yep. Crawford is also on the last year of his deal and is oft-injured. If Takk or Vic slide this year, we have Crawford and Clayborn to pick them up. I could see us just ignoring the edge rushers in this draft altogether this year - clearly it might be our top need in 2020 but we have a lot of options for 2019 and edge rusher - we are two deep there. I realize Takk/Vic are more speedy and Craw/Clay are more powerful and sometimes kick inside.
  3. Give me Mock #1, please and thank you!
  4. What about drafting Dillard for LT and moving Jake over to RT? Also, Taylor seems like a big pass rush risk and McGary might be okay in round 2 but sorta marginal ceiling and did not know of his heart issues in the past? I don't see him upgrading Ty tho. Interesting note on listing Jonah Williams as a C prospect. His best work is at the 2nd level...hmm...but how about his anchor at C? He'd have to be a quick learn behind Mack and better C prospect than say McCoy. Eh, seems more likely we look at Ford or OL in round 2 instead. Maybe Lindstrom in a trade down but no way at 14. I'd take a CB before Lingstrom at 14 if he isn't NFL ready year 1. That said, he seems like a way more talented Wes Schweitzer, in the sense he is very quick but needs to improve as a pass protector...especially if converting inside to OG. At RT? Ty may just be better. You almost could go after Tytus Howard depending on the direction our OL system/scheme want to go. Several options should be possible for us between round 1-3...but you have to imagine certain DL may be Atlanta's approach if a trade up is in the making or a guy is on the board compared to OL...just given the number of 1 year contracts on DL right now vs the contracts AND starting experience we have at OG at minimum. So, if it's an OT at 14 they should be capable to start year 1. That's why I think our roster moves leave us flexible for the draft between both LOS. We can truly get the player we want without worrying about which line necessarily. Be it a trade up, or deciding between 2 guys we like. Without a trade up, do we take Ford or Dex at 14? I'm thinking Ford to complete the OL revamp and considering we have run defending 1Ts on roster right now. The only way you take Dex over Ford, is if you; Falcons FO etc, all see Dex grading as a pass rusher for you...the thing our DL lacks as of today. Pass rushing!
  5. Gendry gave Arya both spears. He’s a goner. I worry Sir Davos is not long for this world either
  6. Theon has done everything he could do to redeem himself and will die next week. Jaime and Brienne won't both survive, and Brienne's arc feels a bit closer to the end than Jaime's. Grey Worm will never get to visit Naath. I'm expecting the most feel-packed episode ever.
  7. Agreed. I think too much is being made about the Hageman signing. At best, he's stashed as a DE before DT in terms of numbers. At worst, he's cut. Davison and Senat are de facto DTs. Grady and Crawford are your de facto pass rushing DTs. But Crawford has SDE potential and is another guy not long for the DT spot beyond this year.
  8. Cool. I knew there was some logic behind this. I feel a little better about the pick now.
  9. We can't afford to put a back up qb on the field. We've got plenty of guys who can make plays in space.
  10. Been on the Dex @ 14 train for a while now. He checks several boxes and is one of the most unique players in the draft. If he drops a few pounds and cleans up his techniques he's a game changer. Maybe a slight trade back to #17 if NYG wants to get Haskins and we want to pick up an extra 3rd, but he's tailor made for what we need. He and Davidson (and Hageman if he makes the team) will bring an end to the days of easily running the ball on us.
  11. This part is what I liked reading. I truly believe they will only move to #8 if it's Oliver. They aren't just trading up for fun. If not, Lawrence is starting to make more sense than anything else. Nasty. Big. Tough. Powerful. All things that align with what DQ said he wants, with the players they signed in FA, and how Lawrence plays. The other thing is you need a guy at #14 who is going to attract extra attention. Lawrence requires a double team on every single snap. No ifs ands or buts about it. At that point, you've got Grady, Takk, and Vic fighting single blocks or forcing a TE or RB to help, which helps the defense in coverage. It also makes Debo better by keeping him clean. I can see it happening the closer we get.
  12. If you believe Dex will be a better pro than Poe, then you get him at 14. If you think of Ford higher as a pro than your current OL, you get Ford. Depends on where the team values the upside to the LOS out of either vs our needs in 2019 AND beyond. I still value Oliver over Dex. Long game and you need a sack late? Give me the guy with the elite quickness. Dex can be a player, but I'm comfortable at 1T with 3 guys that can play it- Senat year 2, GJ entering his Prime, and Davison a 1T run D specialist. If GJ goes down, I'd love Oliver at 3T. Dex not as much, but serviceable with Crawford rotating. Also, I would be good with EO all over the DL. Again, we have a couple run blocker types as it is. Give me a dude that will live in the backfield. The thing going back to Ford is you have 1 year contracts all over our DL right now. Hard to sell on an OL at 14 when you basically have guys with starting experience at every position right now. Might not start year 1 but if he does at least you got depth and can make salary cap savings along the OL for 2020. You pick an OL at 14 ONLY if the remaining DL are lesser in your eyes and perhaps the plan is saving money on OL going forward, needing a more sure starter for 4 years on a reduced rate. Compared to needing a starting DL for 4 years cheap out of this draft. To me, Ty is signed for 3 years and will be earning more soon. The OGs we got either we use their outs or they are getting paid after a couple years towards the cap. We're flexible enough though to cut a couple OL. It's all about what we secure in this draft then. Basically, 2 LOS picks within first 3 rounds is most likely for us. 2 or 3 through 4 rounds (5 picks) as well is possible. Insert a CB in there somewhere and another position that's BPA on our board at the time? Good deal. Can't wait for Thursday.
  13. We would need to include a second round pick this year on top of Beas and #14 to have the Jets even start to consider it. If you want to move into the top three it's going to take a fortune to get there.
  14. Hageman is a camp body and more likely a cut than even making the team. just a low-risk bet on upside if he has gotten his crap together. Davison is a designated run-stopper - we signed him to a 1-yr deal which means he wants to re-make his value. Probably not even on the team in 2020. Lawrence is a unicorn with his size/athleticism and a bet on huge upside - at worst, he is your starter and run-stopper and maybe rotational pass pocket collapser - could be a little more than that if DQ can unlock his passrush ability (had 6.5 sacks as Frosh at Clemson).
  15. im not sold on Gary's work ethic. Ive heard similar concerns with Jerry Tillery. i like your second and 3rd OL selections
  16. This would be a great way for the draft to go. We would be in prime position to move up to 8 for the top OT. Even though I really would want to have Bush.....OT is of higher value.
  17. good luck selling season tickets this year if we draft another corner in the 1st round. I agree that corner is a huge need but EVERYONE knows the biggest problem w/ the Falcons defense is we aren't stout against the run and we cannot get to the QB. Taking a corner in the 1st round just doesn't address either of those top three issues (run-stop, pocket pressure, box office). We will take a corner on Day#3 but don't see it on Day#1. Name me who you think the #1 cornerback is? Greedy/Byron/DeAndre - there is no universal agreement there - Greedy may have the most upside but he doesn't seem to want to be a complete corner. Byron and DeAndre are sub six footers. It is certainly possible that the projected 2nd round corners - Owariyue, Mullen, Ya-Sin(who may sneak into 1st), Bunting - wouldn't shock me if a 2nd round corner ends up being the prized corner of this draft. Cornerback is very deep in this draft but no elite guys at the top.
  18. Big question. I like dexter lawrence and wont cry if we draft him at 14. Why draft Lawrence when we signed davidson and hageman. And we have senat that can play that position? Im thinking they go oline or draft bush. He can play beside debo and fill in for him at mlb.
  19. This is why i don’t mind trading up to 3 if Williams is still available. We have talent across the board and not a lot of holes so I don’t mind sacrificing some picks for a guy like Williams who is a game changer.
  20. This is why i don’t mind trading up to 3 if Williams is still available. We have talent across the board and not a lot of holes so I don’t mind sacrificing some picks for a guy like Williams who is a game changer.
  21. This is why i don’t mind trading up to 3 if Williams is still available. We have talent across the board and not a lot of holes so I don’t mind sacrificing some picks for a guy like Williams who is a game changer.
  22. I like the 1st and 2nd drafts...
  23. HOU trade would be ideal.... He didn’t have Lindstrom in 1st round....
  24. I just don’t see this being our pick. We are so focused on guys who are explosive and get to the qb. I really think we only trade up if Williams is available at 3. If we don’t do that, I wouldn’t be shocked to see us trade down and take a cb.
  25. Completely agree. I think he is a solid top 20 starter in a few years. Could bet us a 2nd or 3rd via trade
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