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  2. come on braves
  3. Alright, no more runs for Cincy please
  4. We be winning!!!
  5. You know what they say about great minds.
  6. I’ve always argued it was personal preference...a lot of times when Tru would be back that far Alford would be pressed on his man. The philosophy Quinn ran back in Seattle had the corners pressed on their man. I think Tru’s prowess in press is overstated on here
  7. One other thing I meant to mention is that our schedule (4 road in first 6 games, plenty of playoff-level teams) is so difficult immediately that Quinn and TD cannot afford to "wait" on players to develop during the year, they will be looking for players ready-to-go week 1. They know that veteran FA's are ready for NFL-level hitting whereas too many rookies come in and are shocked. They would rather have 1 or 2 immediate starters from the draft than 5 or 6 eventual starters.
  8. I’m gonna be 100% honest. I was hoping someone would say something about the sheets or that’s what she said and that was gonna be my exact comeback
  9. This is going to be the hardest accomplishment!
  10. Do you mind telling us how old you are? Such as, early 30s, or mid-20s, or however old it is. Just curious, because Fox News really made their hay during the 2000 election and have been the trendsetter ever since.
  11. Gray looks way better than he did in NY.
  12. As long as it isn't quick shot in the sheets
  13. Nice job ender
  14. And we're on the board...
  15. what does it mean to be a "plus" player?
  16. I've seen nothing but great reviews. Someone I watch on YouTube said he cried 4 times during the movie. I'll be seeing it Thursday night. I can't wait.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Beasley isnt going to get close to 5 sacks this year.
  19. Feels like this game is going by fast.
  20. They call me quick draw in the streets
  21. besides O-line I think its plausible we trade up back up for DT/DE if we pick O-line first. Guys like Lawrence, Winovich or Zach Allen come to mind if they drop in the 20's and we really like one of them.
  22. Lets go Flowers!
  23. Trips for Dansby!
  24. Good hustle by Dansby
  25. LOL @ "he keeps falling to me in these mocks"
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