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  2. Ertz was more productive He won’t ever be Kelce.
  3. Left or right Twix?
  4. Falcons fans must have a different interpretation of a "clean pocket". Especially not for no **** 3+ seconds, never that. I must be blind
  5. Don't sell, just NO SHOW!
  6. I think our C/T scale is broken or not calibrated right.
  7. Trade all 3 and also try to get another 3rd for Hooper. Hooper will command over $10 million a year in the open market and the Falcons can't afford that. Instead of letting him walk for free get a pick for him and use a 3rd rounder to draft his replacement.
  8. I loved the signing from day 1. For whatever reason I gravitated towards Mo from his rookie year in Cincy. Dude is a football player on the of the guys you tell other younger players to model themselves after, pure athlete, and more importantly high class off the field. I was hoping beyond hope they would find a way to retire him as a Falcon, but I understand why they moved on from him. Go get your ring, Mo. I won't even be mad.
  9. Through four years, he'd dead on with Ertz. This season he's been on the heels of Kelce's production all season.
  10. If thats his source than this thread is click bait lol You cant drop a nugget saying that the Bills are after Vic without anything to back it up.
  11. I said No,, Not because I'm his biggest fan.. But because I think he will be willing to restructure to stay home.....
  12. Honestly who knows what it'll look like, I agree he hurt himself but this time last year the board consensus was Warren was dead in the water and few would have disputed that. Eventually when the last few presidential candidates are chosen out (presumably Warren, Sanders and Biden) the B and C tiers will have multiple months to rebrand and regroup. Depending on the candidate everyone from Kamala (I'm almost 50% certain she's Bidens pick) , to Butigieg and even Castro have realistic shots. Also could be someone out of left field as it's been recently but these reject candidates have to try. For a lot of them this petty much it before they'll have to make way for new dems
  13. His body of work/production doesn’t match Kelce or even Ertz. I don’t see Hooper as a market setting TE. He is more like Grady trying to get paid like Cox, IMO. If the price got too high? Fine. Let another team set market for him and take the comp in 2021. We probably sign him for $8M-$9M per...
  14. Bro if that isn't the most "one of these things is not like the other" trade scenarios I've ever seen...lmao
  15. I really hate to see him go, he was a baller! It seemed we could always count on him to make that 3rd down catch over the middle knowing he was going to take a shot. He was playing his heart out this year even in the losing visit to Dante's inferno. I really hope he gets a ring and shines in NE!!
  16. Again what we have done to this point is not working, we need to do something else.
  17. I watched part of the saints game last Sunday, and on one of the plays Bridgewater had over 6 seconds to throw, just sitting in the pocket with no one even near him. It was gross to watch.
  18. Also Voters in Colorado rejected Single Payer in 2016 by a 80-20 margin. Doesn't this mean Polis and the other three Congresspeople are attack voters by supporting something they just rejected by a large margin?
  19. Broncos got less back for a better WR than we did for Sanu lol
  20. Out of those , even thou I am probably Vic's #1 fan,, I would still rather us keep Mack because he will be very hard to replace.. And our biggest problem is our OL already,, So why take away something that needs to be fixed in the worst way... ??? I don't think they will let Mack go.
  21. Every few years TD hits a great draft, then misses few and Roster gets depleted. Let’s hire a good coach and let him bring in a GM.
  22. What do you mean he is a snake? I mean I think he should be gone, long gone! Do I am not here to argue about him at all! But you know us ladies love the gossip!
  23. John Abraham patrick Kearney
  24. Honestly I am too. It’s been rinse and repeat with same ole ineptitude with this regime.
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