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  2. If someone gives us 2 first rounders for Julio it is probably going to be a playoff team who thinks they have a shot at a deep playoff run. So chances are it will not be a high pick or a top ten pick. With that being said I would trade Julio for 2 firsts. Julio is the best receiver in the NFL, but I do think Ridley would pick up his game tremendously if he was the #1 and Hooper will continue to get his. Use those 2 firsts to add protection for Matt Ryan or rebuild or defense and we would have a much better shot at winning a title. Many quarterbacks have shown us that protection is more important than dominant receivers.
  3. Apparently so is winning
  4. I am in 4 FF leagues, I am glad to have Russel Wilson (1 league) and Chris Carson(2 leagues) as they face the Swiss defense of the almighty Dan Quinn led defense My Falcon‘s season is not yet done after all! Gonna be looking forward to starting everyone on my team when they face the falcons from here throughout. Here’s to FF!
  5. "Julio Jones will be a Falcon for life." A Blank
  6. Meanwhile in Flowery Branch, the Falcons offense relies on PA to fully utilize the playbook yet we refuse to try and run the football...more at 11:00
  7. IF we traded Hooper I'd want a 2nd. He's established himself as a top 5 TE
  8. So are "elite" quarterbacks
  9. DQ is just as bad or worse than TD
  10. Yes...for two first round picks and massive CAP relief I would do it. Time to wash my mouth out with soap
  11. We'll get at least one sack Sunday if for no other reason than RW will be having so much fun torturing our defense he'll get a little too cocky at one point, and maybe trip over his shoelaces into Grady or something.
  12. So are ppg
  13. Why bother worrying about hypotheticals that can't actually happen considering he just signed a gigantic contract that is almost completely guaranteed.
  14. Sacks are overrated
  15. I think that it has to do with cost. It is pretty expensive to go to a Falcons game now when things are going well. I think Blank will have to adjust the ticket strategy a bit.....regardless of who is the coach.
  16. I heard that segment. Quinn has made as many egregious moves as Dimi. In a third of the time. We need to fill up an entire bus for the State Line voyage. Flowery Branch, GA to Abernathy, AL. Depart The Branch at 5:13 AM ET. Arrive in Abernathy at 5:52 AM CT. One biscuit and one coffee. Drop off point is the State Line Fireworks Corporation on County Rd 49. On your on from there. Bye.
  17. Right now? Absolutely.
  18. Just like with who you love, you don't get to choose what team you support.
  19. At least we managed to break this record. We belong with Ricky “Wildthing” Vaughn in the hall of shame. Falcons could become the first team in modern NFL history to go 5 straight games without a sack This season is making history for all of the very worst reasons.
  20. Not until I see a OC on the sidelines who knows how to scheme guys open. Otherwise, you're just gonna spend one of those 1st round picks on a WR to replace Julio & end up with a player who may very well be a bust... or at best is still nowhere near as talented as Julio.
  21. You're alright.
  22. Only if both picks were anticipated to end up as top 10 picks (read as from a real crappy team. oh wait...)
  23. Great post. This is Quinns first truly bad year. It is a really bad year but still the first really bad year. Last year he has the injury hat to hang.....and that is valid. I could absolutely see Blank giving Quinn one more year....who knows if it will happen but it is not as crazy of a thought when you take a step back. The problem is that.....losing brings out the irrational and stupid in people.
  24. ****. Only 20% of America elected Donald Trump. It just might work for Bernie too.
  25. Maybe if they were high first rounders.
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