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  2. And you know this is a fact? Or is it just your opinion?
  3. New coach is gonna keep guys from snapping ligaments and bones? Well, guess we need a new coach then if that's the case.
  4. DeMarco Murray had more total yards because he played more games. OMG!! What a fascinating concept. 3 seasons with over 1000 yards rushing out of 7. 3 seasons with 702 or less rushing yards. 4 seasons with 6 or fewer rushing touchdowns. Also, I seem to remember him getting a mega deal from the Eagles only to be cut after 1 season. But he played for peanuts? Ok then.
  5. Not stretching well before at the start of practice/games can fall under poor conditioning
  6. I'm mainly speaking about quality of contact numbers. I can't pull the numbers off the back with Swarzak in a Braves uniform only but I've been told that it's better but not better than Luke's. On the full season though: Luke Jackson: xwOBA: .259 Anthony Swarzak: xwOBA: .311 This metric hates on hard contact given up by the pitcher as the gist of it, even if the soft/medium hit balls are falling consistently. It's probably this that is paid attention to the most by the team (which is why Sean probably gets the next crack if there's not a trade), but it's all the numbers that don't really like Swarzak as much as he might've shown as a Brave. Edit: Well color me surprised, he's been getting hit harder lately to likely cause it but Swarzak's xwOBA before tonight is factored in is lower than Luke's slightly at .246.
  7. Love this.....can we please get more like this. Sad that the news loves to kick it up when players/people are in trouble. Nice to see the positive side.
  8. 9000 yards compared to Turner, SJax and Free's combined 8000 yards over the same period? At a fraction of the cap hit? We could have used him. Plus we would have had four other picks to use on a DLineman like Houston, Jordan or Wilkerson and an OLineman like Zeitler, Castonzo, Schwartz, Reiff, DeCastro or Osemele. Still would have had a couple fourth rounders and enough cap space to sign a decent enough WR to help us win a Bowl. Ornaments haven't won a ring in a decade. Troffed.
  9. How do you explain injuries that happen at the start of practice/games? The guy isn't tired then. We didn't have rookies get hurt. We had guys that are NFL vets. So how is this conditioning related again?
  10. Bump. And .....................
  11. I make like five posts a day and I still find myself in weird *** debates.
  12. Yeah I remembered this from when Bailey was in the draft almost a decade ago. Cool story from such a unique part of Georgia.
  13. You're absolutely delusional if you think an American football team could take on a rugby team in a tackling contest. Absolutely delusional. You've clearly never played rugby, it's an entirely new level.
  14. Parsons is not a good pitcher.
  15. Just like if you bought any pro team down here and played our game.No helmets pads bring em and we’ll see how your talk goes.
  16. Also, Booker clearly has some sort of game.
  17. Dog I'm as black as Warren is Native American. If somebody calls me a n***** I'm gonna be kinda dumbfounded. Literally every other person who sees it is gonna be the same way. You need that is it weird filter more than I thought.
  18. What analytics are you speaking of. I want to know this. Also, why hasn't Sean Newcomb been given a shot to do jack **** on this team? Amazing he pitches so little. Game on the line and we use Wes Parsons? Brian Snitker is such a dumb***.
  19. Very good. Very good. Did you beat it?
  20. Don’t need pads to tackle that’s the whole thing.You would know that if you were taught correctly from the jump.
  21. She will. Then the debate will get derailed. Sanders would just say he's a racist before ranting about the top 1% of the 1% again since he can't get off topic for more than 5 seconds.
  22. Wow no I am not even close to trolling. I am looking at the forest through the trees. You want to look at it like Trump wants you to look at it. That's what's so insidious about Trump. Normalization of hate and bigotry comes in small slices. Until there is no pie left. (Ok that was a troll line, but just that).
  23. He's much closer than what Swarzak is per them....and like it or not, we're a "smart" team that pays attention to them. You're a lot more likely to see Sean than Swarzak if we start losing games due to Luke Jackson blown saves.
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