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  2. The one thing I disagree with is dismissing the idea of building a core. Yes, decay plays a role in how you build it and for how long, but you need cohesion. You need core guys who carry the purpose from season to season. Yes, that core can (and should) change over time, but there should be at least some guys that you hold on to for as long as you can. For all the stuff about BB and swapping out star players, he still keeps a core group spread out across the roster. They don't even have to be "star" players, but you need some continuity.
  3. With a mobile QB like WIlson back there??? I’d be much more surprised if we actually got a sack... and I’m not talking about one where we chase him out of bounds just shy of the Line of scrimmage.
  4. It is funny and sad at the same time. That explains why they tried hard to not put Wes on the field.
  5. No one should be immune from being dealt if it helps the overall goal of winning Super Bowls.
  6. I'm getting so tired of these unstable mfkers hurting these innocent little kids, man.
  7. Early success can be just as tough as early failure. Similar to Mike Smith, our team has been living in the illusion that we are 1 or 2 steps from getting back to the superbowl and focusing on filling in some gaps rather than doing what worked in the first place, which was continuing to build and progress and develop new talent. It clearly didnt work. Its 2019 and we are building a team to go win the 2016 superbowl.
  8. And lost to BB
  9. My thougts are nobody on the team really believes in the defense. I know DQ has been doing thos for a minute, but if i was in meeting rooms discussing assignments and they were talking about Tak and Vic covering backs and tight ends downfield i dont think i would believe in the system. He has lost the team before thw season even started. They domt BELIEVE they can win with this scheme.
  10. If you think Desmond Trufant is "as good as you are going to find", I don't think you watch many other cornerbacks.
  11. I think that one is pretty funny. Sounds like she feels bad or MR like a lot of us do.
  12. That gal nailed it. Called it like it is. If we make wholesale changes I wouldn’t mind seeing a new Oline coach as well. Why is it the Pats & Saints QB’s stay safe & secure through every change or new linemen, while MR remains one of the most hit, harrassed & sacked in the NFL? Not to mention it’s looking like he’s about to break in yet ANOTHER new OC. It’s unreal at this stage in his career. The complete opposite of most of his QB colleagues. Given the amount of change & lack of blocking he’s endured over the years it’s that much more impressive when looking at his accomplishments. It wasn’t MR who lost that SB, that’s for dam sure.
  13. Try selling that to the American public...
  14. Exactly! Even Mike Smith noted this same problem that happened when things started going south for him and the Falcons.
  15. That's my point. Record be ****, if your owner wants you gone, you're likely gone. I don't know if Blank wants Quinn gone yet. He had concerns about Smitty though before his firing.
  16. What’s sad is that heading into training camp we were top five in CAP spending for both the offensive line and defensive line… And here we are seven weeks later and the Falcons have surrendered the most QB hits and haven’t registered a sack in five games
  17. Good I hope our new regime doesn't take our top pick and go WR, especially knowing how bad our defense is now. .
  18. The irony of this post on lack of brains. You do know JJ is almost untradeable with extension he got. It’s basic stuff about cap, you don’t even need brains to know that.
  19. Does it even matter? Dont do it Blanky, fire both. Quinn is just not a good head coach.
  20. I think you're overlooking one of the key components to all of this, but I definitely agree with a lot of what you're saying. The one thing I really think killed Quinn this year was taking over the defense. He has been so distracted trying to fix the dumpster fire of a defense (which your hypothesis explains pretty well) that he has left the team leaderless. He essentially removed himself from being head coach, leaving the team a headless corpse of itself with independent parts flailing around with no brain in control of the the whole body. It explains why everything is so completely disjointed this season. There is no cohesion. No unified vision. And it really feels like there is no accountability either. I get the idea of brotherhood and accountability to each other... but there still needs to be a leader who ultimately everyone is accountable to as well. And right now, this team has none... and it shows.
  21. It would have to be a contender that needs that missing one piece. A rebuilding team is not going to trade for a 39 year old WR to start a franchise rebuild. Julio has great value, but not to a lower tiered team.
  22. His most previous post explains his true intentions.
  23. Then why are you still here? Delete your account and go. In fact, if you truly believed this and you were an adult, you would've just done it in the first place and not bothered to announce that you were leaving. Much like my dumping of FB and Twitter a couple years back.
  24. At the current rate they can draft Jeudy with their own pick.
  25. Just more of that "Gateway to the alt-right" content. /purp
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