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  2. We're projected to be over ninety all week and 97 and 98 by the weekend where I'm at. That's insane for May.
  3. It feels like Florida here in Dallas. Almost 90° and humid af. It will get up to 100° soon and be just as humid. Probably not taking any vacation this summer anyway so I’m ready for fall already.
  4. Not worried about JJ, in fact I'd prefer he skip all of OTAS and come ready to rock in training camp.
  5. Beasley isn’t in those calculations. Win (15 sacks), lose (5 sacks) or draw (8 sacks), he isn’t a member of the team next year.
  6. Oh definitely. I've assumed we largely moved on for a while now. Comments finally trickling in that confirm. Agreed with Porter that he's getting bad advice. But ultimately not a big deal for us. If he sticks at DT would have him lower on the board than both Carter and Cowan. And if we've gotta lose him, glad for it to be UK over Tennessee. Brandon Adams made a good point on his podcast the other day. If a kid is this fickle about position, what's to say he's not fickle about playing time/challenges later... The portal is a real threat to consider in valuation now.
  7. If VB flakes, that’s one guy that won’t cost you a lot to retain or your let either him or McCoy walk even if you could fit GM in 2019...which the point is it’s entirely possible at NO SACRIFICE for 2019 on a 1 year type contract. 2-3 year deal would start getting tricky. Point is we have many FAs coming up along the DL. I suspect short term cap hits for JJ and GJ could be made to account for DeBo, Neal 5th year, and Hooper deals.
  8. So is it just me or is it getting hot really ******* early this year?
  9. No player in a nba draft is a sure thing. For every Leonard that becomes a superstar, a top 3 pick becomes a bust. That's why I lean toward trading picks for Aaron.
  10. What's going on with this board? Falcon app already shows a video of Sanu Roasting Oliver.
  11. Yeah makes no sense, I'll take Gerald over 4 Danny Sheltons on a 1m contract.
  12. Big if true.
  13. TD will earn his keep the next 12 months. He has to address 5 major contracts - 2 fringe 20 million a year contracts - 1 contract in the 15-18 million a year avg - 1 contract in the 10 million a year average - 1 contract in the 8 million a year average I suspect we let one of them walk
  14. This forum is like the news to me. Things will get posted here by someone as soon as they happen. If I waited for it to appear on or even I would have much less of an idea as to what is happening.
  15. I have zero clue about how the salary cap works. Though I believe if the Falcons really wanted McCoy, they'd find a way to get him. Or at least try really hard.
  16. Our D wasn't great lat year but I remember watching games where we would get to 3rd and long and just needed one more play. In the games against the Saints, Bengals and Cowboys we lost by one score. If we had Jones out there and he made one big play in each of those games, our D would have looked much better (and we would have won 3 more games). He will make a huge difference this year.
  17. Has anyone considered the salary cap consequences and all the current roster players we would t have money to resign over the next couple of years if we did find a way to sign him ?
  18. Others are killing more and while their country is increasing its support we as a nation one state at a time are rejecting it
  19. How can that be possible if you say we’re killing millions of babies and covering up infanticide? You’re one sick puppy.
  20. And the pursuit of happiness
  21. At people posting Jarrett, Julio etc deals would prevent us from taking a 2 year flier contract in our SB window on McCoy; with a favorable year 1 cap hit: Those deals would help our 2019 cap space most likely and we’ve got Ryan Schraeder’s hit coming off the books in 2 weeks lol Davison, Senat, Hageman, Jarret, McCoy at DT in 53man; alternate which one is inactive weekly between Hageman or Senat; even if Hageman makes roster over Crawford? Cominsky is a year 1 stash and could redshirt all year on gameday inactive list; can be listed at DE to make people feel better Carry 5 DTs...cut the 6th if it’s Hageman? We got training camp to determine who #5 is and who the #6 cut is... Note- Only Takk, Senat and Cominsky are currently on contract next year along the entire DL AC, VB and Means are on 1 year deals at DE Davison, Hageman, Crawford, and GJ on 1 year deals as of this post...McCoy would be for 1 or 2 year max in a SB run as pass rush Depth; that is worth it especially with our DEs needing help finishing. McCoy instantly would be the BEST guy to duo with GJ in 2019 Crawford or Hageman the 3rd rusher; whoever makes 53 man and Senat/Davison your 1T run stoppers 10 total DL on 53man- DE- AC/VB/Takk/Means/Cominsky(inactive) DT- GJ/GM/TD/Senat/Hageman or Crawford as #5
  22. Yup
  23. On 247, people were dogging Lloyd for not being fast enough, but those same they're saying jokers made the lamest excuses when Milton ran a 4.7. I like Milton, and I like how he glides, but I don't see the shear explosiveness and physical dominance that's some people seem to be imagining.
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