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  2. I said yards dont really matted. How many points did they have at half time?
  3. He still gets pushed back in the run game. I will admit he's a good pass blocker though and handles stunts well. But again he's not nasty nor violent. And Grady is 3 down 65% of snaps.
  4. The defense is fixed, brother...get used to it, cause it ain't changin' may not like it, but you know it to be true. Are you gonna spend the entire season sulking?
  5. The same can be said the other way around.
  6. We’ve been investing most of our draft capital in the defensive side of the ball since 2014. It’s about time the OL had investment in it via the draft. People complain about the D but we have 2 first round picks at DE, a pair of first round starters at CB, some top players in Jarrett, Debo and Neal. I don’t dispute that we need to add more talents and depth at DT, DE, CB and LB, but we have plenty of picks to get it. Our defensive minded HC needs to prove his worth and start coaching up the defensive talent he’s got.
  7. The Patriots had 250 yards at halftime
  8. Grady fell from the second. He was on many mocks of mine in the second. Most of this board thought he’d be gone in the first. I don’t see a Jarrett this year.
  9. The majority of your concerns are speculation about guys coming off injuries. We need a lb, a corner and a DT (in a class that is deep with DT) I'm not overly concerned about what we can add with 7 more picks.
  10. Camp bodies from an abilities standpoint. I think it's obvious now that they'll be on the roster. I just don't know how many other NFL rosters they would make it on.
  11. Every player has a game here and there where he gets his butt handed to him. Watch the tape in the Wake Forest and Clemson games. Most teams run a platoon of DL in the game. 40% of the snaps in no way indicated he WASN'T a three down guy. I see it different, brother. But that's cool.
  12. Yards to me does not mean a whole lot. Points matters alot and no. Only the saints and Patriots scored alot on us after he took over. And Patriots was more because we wouldnt run the ball for some reason and our Oline was shredded with injuries in that final game.
  13. Someone gets it. Try telling @SoCalFalconFan, he thinks Lindstrom is "nasty and violent".
  14. LOL im a Ninja i sneak in make a solid post and then vanish into the shadows while leaving a note threatening anyone who gives me a like with forcing them to watch JA98 Falcon highlight videos for a week straight. That pretty much does the trick and gets people to turn around and walk the other way without a like But in all seriousness this isn't even all my posts count wise actually i use to have a ton of posts and alot of likes. But when the board swapped over it pretty much put me back to 0 on both and the mods did me a solid and gave me atleast some of my post count back. I would probably be in the 30k or so now as long as i have been on this board and often as i post in threads.
  15. Nope. Assuredly the 2 DT's and DE will be on the roster, and at least 1 of the DB's for sure as well.
  16. Can’t really comment. As my whole off season wasn’t anywhere close to what the FO and coaches were thinking.
  17. Yeah... We don't know what we are doing. The professionals have a much better understanding of who's going to who. We are getting information from 3rd parties and the misinformation the teams are leaking.
  18. If guys like Grady were that easy to find teams would just stockpile those picks and get cheap guys instead of paying 1st rounders. Hmu with that list of 3rd rounders my dude. We have enough ammo for what? To get one?
  19. Evidently TD and Quinn want a free Friday night in Nashville
  20. Gaurantee that we trade back into back of third, and maybe even use future capital to .ove up sooner.
  21. If this defense blows up and goes top 10 I'll be ecstatic but I'm seeing a 20 at best group. More than likely lower.
  22. We have 2 picks in each of the 4-6 rounds. More than enough ammo to move back into the third round and still have more picks. This draft isn't over. But plenty of "beasts" get drafted in the late rounds ever year. We have one in Grady Jarrett.
  23. Go watch Lindstrom against Clemson and tell me his violent while Wilkins is pushing him back in the run game and getting TFL's. Also Davison played 40% of the snaps for NO, hardly a 3 down guy.
  24. I believe there are 7 more picks left.......2 4th......2 5th.....2 6th......and 1 7th. I assume there will be some trading up to get a CB, DE or DT. So a move into the 3rd is likely, if not 2nd. My guess is these 7 picks will turn into 3.
  25. Keanu was a reach too.. turned out to be one of the best in the draft.. doesn't matter where you draft anyone just if they work out.. If you drafted Brady in the first or the seventh your a genius
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