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  2. I’ll only be excited with a New Owner, GM & Coach . Arthur “Falcon For Life” Blank is in the way .
  3. Get rid of these players with the coach. Dont care who thet are, they're making too much money anyway.
  4. There's already a problem with TD. 11 years and tons of picks on the OL and DL and in FA and most haven't panned out and the OL and DL is always a weakness.
  5. Tanking is tanking, this is not preseason. I'm all for putting the best players on the field, if that happens to be a young guy who is not being paid yet, then by all means go for it.
  6. Here is his in-depth read on all potential cap savings moves that should set us up for a chance to build a roster with Draft, keeping Hooper, and a few low key FAs or perhaps a bigger name depending on Mack. Throw in Tru if Sheffield can stick at LCB. @FalconFanSince1970 Resident GM your approval and augments await finalizing these initial projections, sir! *Caveat his original projections for keeping Hoop were before week 2 started, date of article.
  7. PENN STATE! It’s great to see some real talent on the team for once. Don’t love Franklins coaching, but talent wins in NCAA, so real glad to have him for his recruiting! Some real talent on that D I wouldn’t mind seeing in red and black some day! the white out should be nuts. everyone should experience a whiteout game in Happy Valley.
  8. If he becomes our new HC, I’ll support him until he gives me a reason not to. I do think people can grow and change. That being said, there are successful leaders that achieve success by creating other great leaders and there are successful leaders that demand obedience. From what I can tell based on the success of his past coordinators transitioning to head coaching jobs, I think Bill is the latter. An obedient coordinator doesn’t get a lot of opportunity to develop their leadership skills.
  9. Rams have actually been pretty awful this year on offense. Won't stop them from putting up 30+ next sunday on the road though.
  10. You really don't know, you think you know, but you really don't know...and you never will.
  11. Falcons were play-off contenders until Julio started complaining about wanting more money and DQ and TD drafted Ridley and then Blank went around them and paid Julio, Anyone else find it odd that team suddenly started playing bad when Julio drama started? And then him not practicing is just an insult to his teammates. Trade Julio to Oakland for 1st round pick and watch how fast team gets better. Team doesnt like the fact that Blank treats Julio like a baby. They are basically saying ok, let's see Julio win it by himself. Blank brought this on himself and the only way to cure it is to trade Julio and apologize to DQ and Atlanta fans.
  12. By tank, I think everyone means to rest your stars. Play your depth to get them some game speed experience and help them get better or after seeing then in a game, decide to move on. When you’re eliminated from playoff contention, there’s no point in leaving Ryan out there to get killed. Let Schaub take those hits. Let Julio sit out and heal up. Give the rookie running backs some snaps. See if any of the rookies can generate a pass rush. I think we’re almost at that point in this season.
  13. You could use $75 worth of groceries.
  14. Where has AB been this year? Haven't seen him on the sidelines or box. And to be honest i know this team has so many other issues but this is my first year even questioning Ryan. Usually I make excuses for him. I know the o line is crap again but not accurate, all receivers have to stretch for every ball.
  15. Chad pennington had a completion percentage of 68.9% in 2002. That doesnt mean he didn't have a weak arm. I also believe he won come back player of the year 2x.
  16. How? Their WRs will be torching Oliver. Oliver will forever be 2 steps behind WRs.
  17. I think we're gonna have a really good shot at Derrick Brown this year, man. We had a huge opportunity to get a pass rusher when we got Beasley and got absolutely screwed with a role player. We just can't mess that up this year. Plain and simple. If we do, there's a problem with TD.
  18. Spot on! Starts at the top. Blank/McKay have brought this franchise down. Destroyed the real fan base sold out to corporation's. Got their soccer kick ball team.
  19. Corruption is what corruption does.
  20. I think Blank IS the problem. It is clear that Quinn and TD drafted Ridley to be replacement for Julio and then Blank went around them to make sure Julio got paid and now all Falcons money is locked up on 2 old players. Blank clearly disregarded his coach and the direction his coach wanted to go with HIS team. Also Blank brought in Koetter and didnt give Sark enough time. Another decision where THE OWNER went around the coach, so at this point I can see why Dan Quinn and some of the players would just say F it. Blank and McKay do this to every coach that comes in, they have a history of it. Until Blank is gone Falcons are screwed. Like I said in earlier post, I hope when Dan Quinn is fired and he spills the beans on radio and TV on how he was undermined in Atlanta and exposes Blank so minority owners have to step in and get rid of Blank and McKay.
  21. but the whole point is DQ wanted to "die w/ his boots on" - in other words, if he was to get fired, he wanted to do it with 100% HIS defense - and now that is what is likely to happen.
  22. It was a risk yes and rebuilding the defense will be a challenge but I'm telling you that if Lindstrom and McGary turn out to be two starting caliber players then we just saved ourselves so much trouble in the future. Mack doesn't have much gas left, Julio probably should've been traded even though I love him and originally wanted to extend him, and Freeman and Trufant shouldn't even be Falcons. Our cap management and who decide to give contracts to has been shaky to say the least.
  23. That's fine it's just we still could have got them plus maybe an extra DT in the early rounds to help the D if we had a top 5 pick.
  24. I'm not really for or against tanking, that wasn't my point. I was just defending Lindstrom and McGary.
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