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  2. True. Issues will win the day because Trump has nothing except promises, delay tactics and BS when it comes to those.
  3. I didn't see any chalk fly up.
  4. What do other guys have to do with Takk?
  5. Ashley Feinberg is very happy.
  6. That was close. You can see a little bit of chalk kick up at the end, but there's no direct angle. Fans says, "**** you, Umps!", my reasoning says, "Meh, that's okay".
  7. Your acting as if that's impressive when other guys have more than 13 in one season
  8. I don't see it that way. At all. Jalen Ramsey, Cam Jordan. Heck, Deion Sanders. I love players that talk. It looks foolish if you suck, but Takk doesn't suck.
  9. I mean, Trump directly ordered Lewandowski to tell Sessions to meet with Mueller and restrict Mueller’s investigation to future elections. Twice. He directly tried to intervene and restrict the investigation into obstruction. That would have shut down that investigation. The only reason it didn’t work is because Sessions and Lewandowski refused. That’s the clearest attempt to obstruct justice we’ve heard about.
  10. ********!! Clear as ******* day that ball was foul!!
  11. It’s foul! Come on umps!
  12. The pee tape could be released tomorrow and it could show Trump outlining his collusion in great detail as urine runs down his orange face and Mitch McConnell's Senate would still not convict him. All impeachment would do is suck all of the air out of the room, virtually guaranteeing that no real issue is discussed during the campaign. You may as well cancel the 2020 election and give it to Trump.
  13. Looks like the Braves might win this challenge!! Looks like that might have been a foul ball.
  14. 13 sacks over two seasons with literally no help on the other side?
  15. Wow. That's about as close as it gets there. I think it's foul, but wouldn't be surprised to see the call stand.
  16. I don't see why so many think it has to be one extreme or the other. Talk is cheap. One does not have to talk trash to be confident and highly motivated. More often than not it's the little dog that feels he has to make the most noise because he hasn't proven anything yet.
  17. But what has he done overall tho ?? He keeps talking but can't back it up. I think he needs to stfu and do it on the field. He talks way too much
  18. I'm so glad that Wilmer Flores doesn't play for the Mets anymore!!
  19. That’s bs. Some players say it and mean it. Asante talked and meant it. Some guys do have that kind of confidence. Takk is one of those types. He’s not a player that lacks confidence at all. No different than babe Ruth calling his shot. Deion Sanders was another confident player. The difference now is social media. Players set marks for themselves. You just usually never hear them say it in public.
  20. Some of y’all must be the worst characters to hang out with in real life. The kid is probably feeling confident based on his training. I’ll take the guy who thinks he can get 2 sacks in a game over the guy who is afraid he won’t get any sacks in the game any day.
  21. “Finally, the president had discussed ‘knocking out Mueller’ and raised conflicts of interest in a May 23, 2017 call with McGahn, reflecting that the president connected the conflicts to a plan to remove the Special Counsel. And in the days leading up to June 17, 2017, the President made clear to Priebus and Bannon, who then told Ruddy, that the President was considering terminating the Special Counsel. Also during this time, the President reached out to Christie to get his thoughts on firing the Special Counsel. This evidence shows that the president was not just seeking an examination of whether conflicts existed but instead was looking to use asserted conflicts as a way to terminate the Special Counsel.”
  22. Yeah, this isn't about whether I like him or not. I think there's enough to open proceedings. Even if you don't think that senate will play, you still have an obligation to act as a check and balance.
  23. Ummm ... like .... Champion the Wonder Horse just stood straight up and whinnied.
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