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  2. It's about to get interesting. The White House is rejecting Congressional authority.
  3. They run our scheme, Dee Ford is basically a better beasley. He isn't worth so much many as as situational pass rush.
  4. He's made of Teflon and the Democrats are clueless. I wouldn't be surprised if he popped out of this no worse for wear. I'm not all-in for impeachment if there are other remedies but the excuses for not impeaching him are typical Dem milquetoast political nonsense. I have zero confidence in them to not outsmart themselves.
  5. Agreed. For a while, Atlanta's been heIIbent on the offense building a lead and taking away the opponents run game for us instead of having an actually competent run defense. Seems like this year, DQ is making that a priority. Adding Lawrence would solidify that. We'll see.
  6. Maybe you’re right but I thought he dropped him in coverage because he couldn’t sack the QB. It appeared to me he was just trying to keep him on the field to find a place for him to play, especially in ‘17
  7. Scouts wouldn’t divulge who said what. I stand by what I said & you & others got all sensitive over comments made by scouting sources. The point is that unless they’re lying or making this stuff up, people need to know about it despite whether you or others FEEL (lmao) like it’s unfair. It is what it is & the players they’re referring to are probably just the way they’re being described more or less. You challenged my assessment of how I viewed this, and so I made myself clear. If you want to pretend folks get too touchy freely over it then we’ll just disagree.
  8. Most people think White is a top 5 pick right now, or else certainly top 10. That said, this is likely Campbell's last season so LB depth is needed. Bush would not be totally unexpected.
  9. It is remarkable that Nats clubhouse was so dysfunctional they couldn't win. A team with all the talent they had should have at least been winning some playoff series.
  10. Should stop dropping him in coverage and just let him rush. We ask him to spy and cover the flat WAY too much. It's stupid.
  11. They need to remain ready for potential injuries. I wouldnt trust Newcomb out of the pen anyway
  12. Tampa Bay is talking White, as they lost Kwon Alexander. That is too high for him (Fifth.). They are also saying Gerald McCoy won't be a Buc this there it that. I think they will take a DT at five.
  13. yeah man, i wonder why that is
  14. So what position is it VB should play?
  15. And that's TDs fault how exactly? He hired DQ and Shanny, right? But then, you'd also have to admit that TD hired the guys that helped turn Matt into an MVP, oversaw a historic offense, and made the most of a defense with four rookie starters (which is a Super Bowl record).
  16. I think you meant to say - you’d be surprised if he DID get 10 sacks. I hope he does and I would be SHOCKED if he did. Hopefully DQ is way smarter than the people on this MB. He’s got to know something or he’s going to look like a fool if Bs plays as poorly as last yr....wait he can’t be that bad again.
  17. The latest example that everything Republicans say is projection...
  18. Do the math...
  19. Christ. Yall know how I **** on Warren for stooping to Trump's level with the DNA test? Well ol' Jack is about to get **** all over by Trump after this. Maybe he won't notice because he's hallucinating from starving himself.
  20. Jordan is last century. Federer and Serena have legitimate claims. Until the Masters a week ago, Tiger hadn’t won a major since 2005
  21. good to know! thanks.
  22. Oh I totally agree. No one goes rush rush pass except Mike Mularkey. The problem is, trying to explain those technicalities in a typed word forum is difficult, at best. So Ill put a little more into this post. I'm expecting intelligent readers to read between the lines that a poor rush defense not only lets the other team hold on to the ball longer (T.O.P), but it allows play action to function better and allows for offensive diverse play calling. An additional by-product is that it keeps our offense off the field thus creating more pressure for us to score every time we have a possession. Usually translates into us throwing more than running as we are losing TOP and playing from behind. Lets look at the teams that gave up multiple 200 yard rushing games. These are: The dolphins 2, atlanta 2, buffalo 3, nyj 2, jag 2, Cinn 4, Broncos 2, Raiders 3, Arizona 2. Now think about their records and how many of these teams made the playoffs. None! And all had losing records. These are the top 14 in the draft, and that should only more define what a bad rush defense does to a team. Lets look at the avg yards per rush against these teams AZ 4.9, Atlanta 4.9 Dolphins 4.8, Raiders 4.7 Bengals 4.7, Jets 4.6 Broncos 4.5, Jags 4.3. Dallas made the playoffs and were good run D in the season but then gave up 273 in their loss against the Rams in the playoffs. Again, this is just my vision of things. But there is a clear picture that you must be able to stop the run first. Being able to rush the passer comes only after stopping the run. If anything the 11 personnel groups have made it easier to run the ball as there are fewer big bodies on the field, and players are more spread out.
  23. I agree. I've always been a proponent of dealing with Trump at the ballot box rather than hoping for some magic silver bullet to take him out.
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