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  2. This is great to hear!!!
  4. LMAO SAW him in Pappadeaux back in February and though the same thing. Also there's no way this guy is 6ft...… Maybe in Timberlands but naw
  5. Dayum, Bill Taylor just blew the lid off the Ukraine scandal. From his opening statement... During this same phone call I had with Mr. Morrison, he went on to describe a conversation Ambassador Sondland had with Mr. Yermak at Warsaw. Ambassador Sondland told mr. Yermak that the security assistance money would not come until President Zelenskyy committed to pursue the Burisma investigation. I was alarmed by what Mr. Morrison told me about the Sondland-Yermak conversation. This was the first time that I had heard that security assistance — not just the White House meeting — was conditioned on the investigation. Very concerned, on that same day I sent Ambassador Sondland a text message asking if “we [are] now saying that security assistance and WH meeting are conditioned on investigations?” Ambassador Sondland responded asking me to call him, which I did. During that phone call, Ambassador Sondland told me that President Trump had told him that he wants President Zelenskyy to state publicly that Ukraine will investigate Burisma and alleged Ukrainian interference in the 2016 US election. Ambassador Sondland also told me that he now recognized that he had made a mistake by earlier telling the Ukrainian officials to whom he spoke that a White House meeting with President Zelenskyy was dependent on a public announcement of investigations — in fact, Ambassador Sondland said, “EVERYTHING” WAS DEPENDENT ON SUCH AN ANNOUNCEMENT, INCLUDING SECURITY ASSISTANCE. He said that President Trump wanted President Zelenskyy “in ap ublic box” by making a public statement about ordering such investigations. ^^^Quid pro quo for both WH meeting and the military aid.
  6. Fully expected to see this picture at the top of this thread.
  7. " internationally recognized " You are talking to an American...
  8. Oh for ****'s sake. **** off, coward-grifter.
  9. @Wokezone Just looking out
  10. I'm done cheering for this team but I won't cheer for any other either. I just root for certain players and good football.
  11. Would Falcons bring Pioli in at GM?
  12. The Kurds aren’t the internationally recognized government of Syria. Was bappin?
  13. Damm I’m going to miss Big Mo!!!
  14. "Wasting 8 mil" is never worth it. What are you ******* talking about? What message can you possibly send to a 1-6 team that is one of the worst teams in football by cutting 1 player? Come on now, don't be ridiculous. Not to mention cut players don't count towards the comp literally makes no sense. He was not...sadly...
  15. No, Beasley will make it to the end of the season and then be released. Vic simply doesn't look good enough for anyone to want to give up any draft capital for. I suppose there is a chance that he could be traded straight up for another player who is of equal value, but I don't know who that could be.
  16. yeah there's really something to be said that being into normal **** like sports probably saved a lot of serious nerds (like me) from a much darker path
  17. The "brotherhood" was something special in 2016. Ever since then it was a marketing thing meant to sell t-shirts and tickets. I don't know why people never realized that before.
  18. Yeah It says BAD ***...…… Should say BAD *** Coaching and scheme
  19. Of course. No head coach, no matter what side of the ball he comes implements a scheme arbitrarily. That's one of the big questions you get during the interview -- what kind of offense/defense you want to run and who you're going to get to run it. I remember Kyle during one of his first press conferences saying he had a chance to see the scheme up close and go against it every day in practice and he liked how sound it was.
  20. Who's better?
  21. Man **** no who would want the guy no passion no sacks no heart...……. Vic is like the Cowboys every year is his year
  22. I was fortunate to like football and American popular culture before I learned how to internet. There's a universe out there where I'm some kinda ******* Nazi Disney Dalmatian character.
  23. Let’s see what this young man has!!!
  24. Nuff Respect to Sanu one of my all time favorite Falcons The human swiss army knife...…
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