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  2. But Fusco and.sweitzer are. The vets start with Lindstrom on the wings if ome falters. Lindstrom.cross train ot.OG and OC, while McGary cross trains at OTand OG. weve been a.RG away from an.elite offseason since.Chester retired. firat OG taken in.rnd .1 since Bill Fralic. Lets hope he has a similar career.
  3. Great watch. You have to live the enthusiasm that these guys have for both of our picks. Let’s hope our front office and scouts got their evaluations right.
  4. Plan B in case our guys werent there. Upgrading depth, smokescrean, etc...
  5. In the Presser, TD & DQ inducat d that they had intel that a number of teams between 15 and 20 were targeting Lindstrom. DQ mentioned getting texts from some other teams behind them congratulating them on the pick but cursing them out for picking him.
  6. I hope you’re right because right now we have 2 rookies that have never played a down in the NFL guarding our Franchise QB on the right side. And there’s no way you don’t start these two day one. If you don’t then why did we give up so much for them?
  7. Well, you sign one of them (or both) to an extention if you can, of course, but it gives you freedom.
  8. What happened in the SB? He and Poole got picked apart by Brady. And Brady said postgame he targeted dude. If he didn't stink he wouldn't be crawling on the Colts practice squad.
  9. BTW, I don’t agree with the majority of your posts, but you are a great poster in my opinion. I hate that I never told you as much.
  10. That's what we are here for.
  11. I would have liked to add to our defense but I also know we have a huge need on the oline as well so going in hard to fix one huge need is fine by me. We weren't going to fix everything in one draft class either way.
  12. Alex Mack is getting up there in age and carrying a very big cap number too. We may need to free up that money new to keep Debo, Jarrett or Neal. Remodelling the interior OL in the hope of making it a team strength - in preparation for the eventual loss of Mack - makes a lot of sense. I don’t knew we whether we see any of our off-season additions as potential future Replacements for Mack, but these moves will make even more sense if we do. TD and DQ indicated on the Presser that we tested Lindstrom to see if he had the skill set to could play C, but didn’t fully elaborate on the outcome, although they did say that he would be starting out with us as a Guard.
  13. I agree. Not my favourite choices, but hey when Wilkins was off the board, it had to be someone on the OL. And what's the matter? Last season i was screaming on an improved OL, and here you go. 2 drafted offensive linemen that both have the size and the speed to play in our system. People was criticizing the FO for not addressing the problem at our Oline with the Fusco signing and that didn't work out at all obviously. Now they are trying to fix the problem with talent that can be factor in Falcons for many years and even Lindstrom could be a replacement for Alex Mack.
  14. Yeah I get that. They may have just selected two guards though. I sure hope one can play RT. Yes Lindstrom played it 2 seasons ago. My question is how come he wasn't there this year? McGary's biggest question is pass protection. Moving to guard would be a way to minimize this weakness. From a value standpoint these picks look bad. Nobody on the planet had Lindstrom as a top 15 pick. The Falcons take him at 14. I get it though. They think highly of him. I just hope they're right.
  15. I don't get why this 3rd round pick is so important to you? I mean we have 2 4's and all but this 3rd one being gone is a bummer ? Seems irrational. Also I highly doubt that TD will just sit on his hands tomorrow. We will trade, you can bet on that. This team ain't bringing in 9 rookies for sure
  16. Where did we suck? The offensive line. Where did we get better? The offensive line. I am pleased.
  17. Unless it’s bust (-1) + average (0) - 3rd Round Pick (-1) = -2 or WTF
  18. Both Julio and Jarretts deal save us money going foward. Debos number will increase significantly aswell off of what he’s getting now. Of course it won’t be a 50/50 thing here but it will somewhat close the gap. The offense of course with Ryan and Julio will be down the road cap wise. Gotta remember to quite possibly offensively your looking at Mack Free and Sanu coming off in the next year or two.This to will offset that gap we are talking about.
  19. It feels like the Falcons just selected 2 players who are a year away from starting, and both might be playing guard. I hope one can stick at RT.
  20. McGary's game tape does not say 1st rounder at all.
  21. Simple math says we won the 1st round. 1 = 1 1+ 1 = 2 2 > 1
  22. what lowlights? Do you know how to watch football...?
  23. A bit, but it will still be skewed. Beasley will fall off. Julio’s number will increase and we extend Hooper. Just added 2 first rounders into the mix. Grady already counts 16 mill on the CAP. So frustrated about wasting the 3rd. And the idea of two rookie lineman starting is nauseating
  24. Lindstrom is by far the best OL, and Kaleb looks good! Read the comments too. Good stuff for our guys!
  25. How one builds a team is never truly the key. My OCD way of thinking is by 3 different methodologies, but they aren’t right or wrong. Many here call them “preferences” which started by me to keep from typing for hours. Even if we don’t draft another defensive player, and I would prefer not to, we can still field a nasty defense with no additional changes. The problem for me comes with people not understanding why others feel the way they do. I understand why people are pleased and I’m not being smug when I say that I’m happy for them,I’m just not. I’m all about the defense. To me this is very important. I hate when a defense stays on the field longer than 5 game minutes. They tire quicker than the offense. Chasing tires you faster than being chased. I want Ryan to gel with the OL group and receivers. I don’t want him to have too much pressure, because as a defensive guy I can tell you, no matter what strength your OL, it’s easier to tee off if I have you in a corner with time. Time is the additional defensive player if you are ahead in points.
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