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  2. Why is he fighting his cousin?
  3. Of course....she does the avatars, not me
  4. This should be read out loud boy Gowdy! Not in secret meetings behind closed doors!
  5. I would never for any amount of dollars fight a Samoan.
  6. I like Ulbrich, would love to see what he could do as an interim DC. That said linebackers are not going well right now
  7. Problem is that unless they were part of the same draft and season was over, you couldn't really determine if they were high or not.
  8. Agreed. We are going to have to pay him anyway. i'd rather have a couple of high picks and have him come off the books in '21 when those picks are still on rookie contracts.
  9. A federal judge just ordered State Department to release Ukraine records within 30 days. We’ll see if they appeal. They probably will. Edit: The order includes communications between Pompeo and Guiliani.
  10. You don't need to work for the team to realize cutting a player that should have never been optioned in the first place that would result in literally pissing away $7m dollars on a team that is already up against it in terms of cap dollars is a very very dumb idea. You will sure show Vic and the team! Suck enough and we will let you sit at home while paying you millions of dollars! BRILLIANT! From a football standpoint, Vic is not the only issue so why stop there? In your grand plans, why not just cut everyone and take on a billion dollars in dead cap?
  11. What the Pro Dawgs did this past week
  12. Is it actually a crime to bring a cell phone inside the SCIF, or just a violation of House rules?
  13. That's what I was asking. Thanks!
  14. What are you even talking about??? The Ukraine call has moved the needle in a way that Mueller never did. But you’re all over the map. “Oh, Dems shouldn’t be quick about this, but if they drag it out (as I argue) then Trump’s going to do this and it sucks for Dems, and if they have it over quickly then Trump’s going to do this and it sucks for Dems.” You’re all over the map here. Also, “their best shot on something that doesn’t reveal anything new about Trump”? This Ukraine scandal has landed hard. The public isn’t shrugging this one off. Again, not sure what point you’re trying to make.
  15. Nothing witty required, friend. That graph is like the movies where the heart monitor captures the final beats before flat-lining...RIP to the 2019 Atlanta Falcons. I look forward to the 30 for 30 titled "Sackless"
  16. Don't drag me into you guys' absurd math nightmare, when none of you works for an NFL team. That post is just telling you what needs to happen from a football standpoint.
  17. The problem with Quinn and any defensive minded head coach is they're reliant on always finding the right OC. Even then if he's any good, you have to find another within a couple of seasons...
  18. Drunken obese dudes bragging about their fighting prowess will never be unfunny to me. Worldstar videos are my horrible guilty pleasure.
  19. Chipper Jones and Martin Prado too.
  20. I can’t even come up with anything witty for this one
  21. I'd be hard pressed to say no, but I think Young has it. Don't know the next time they'll be picking top five. They've been there 3 times in over a decade (Matt, Vic, Jake). Like Gdawg said, if he's Mack or Donald, you'd be upset to miss out.
  22. I can't wait until there is a video of Gaetz just screaming wildly at himself in front of a mirror. It is coming.
  23. Again...dead cap. Why on earth would you take on $7-8m of dead cap to cut him now?
  24. Josh Donaldson has been named Sporting News NL Comeback Player of the Year.
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