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  2. Supporting ISIS recruits sounds dangerous. "Honorable Judge Davis, As you undoubtedly deliberate with great caution the sentencing of nine recently convicted Somali-American men, I bring to your attention the ramifications of sentencing young men who made a consequential mistake to decades in federal prison. Incarcerating 20-year-old men for 30 or 40 years is essentially a life sentence. Society will have no expectations of the to be 50 or 60-year-old released prisoners; it will view them with distrust and revulsion. Such punitive measures not only lack efficacy, they inevitably create an environment in which extremism can flourish, aligning with the presupposition of terrorist recruitment: “Americans do not accept you and continue to trivialize your value. Instead of being a nobody, be a martyr.” The best deterrent to fanaticism is a system of compassion. We must alter our attitude and approach; if we truly want to affect change, we should refocus our efforts on inclusion and rehabilitation. A long-term prison sentence for one who chose violence to combat direct marginalization is a statement that our justice system misunderstands the guilty. A restorative approach to justice assesses the lure of criminality and addresses it."
  3. Agree with you. I think it's 19 per but neither way just south of 20.
  4. Ok so last season they went into it losing Clayborne, Poe, and others on the Dline and their plan was to replace that talent with a 3rd round pick. As the season went on they were forced to add players to the d-line because they had to. But the plan, initially, was to hope for the emergence of Beasley, McKinnley, and Jarrett and have most of the pass rush come from them. That didn't happen. "If Beasley responds to coaching and develops additional pass rush moves and Takk develops as expected, we can have a very good DL." - This is the EXACT same thought process going into last season.... that's my point. To be honest I keep forgetting they brought back Hagemen but he's been out of football for a couple of years and is a longshot. If you're a long time Falcons fan you've been here before. Hoping they really address the dline and pass rush... they don't but you hope guys emerge... but in the end the results are very similar to the year(s) before. The last year they had a really good pass rush with multiple guys bringing heat was probably 04-05 when you had Rod Coleman ripping up the middle of the dline and Kerney and B Smith going crazy on the edges. When Abraham got here it was a one man show... which would catch up to them in the postseason.
  5. When you get a once in a decade player like Julio you shutup an pay the man. No and's if's or buts or muttering underneath your breath. He makes the team legit, and got the fans to take pride in the team.
  6. I mean, you're being silly right now. Bryse is 21, and the other two are 23. We're talking about Weigel, who had 1 1/2 seasons of lost baseball, making the majors for the first time today at 25. We're certainly not going to give up on the three of them for the long term, nor should we. If we can get a viable MLB starter for two of our high-profile pitching prospects, we should do that, though. It's not an either/or. It's a "depends on the situation." All we know for sure right now is that Wright and Touki aren't finished baking. Wilson's a smaller sample size and thereby tougher to gauge. On July 3rd against a decent Philly lineup, he looked ready. Then, he was back to bad habits away at Milwaukee, which is a tough place for kids to play. Right now, if I could only buy stock in one, I'd probably take Bryse since he's younger and has shown more. I don't know what we've done to Wright, but it's infuriating to watch. That kid was a stud at Vandy, but he's broken in 2019. I draw three conclusions about our situation right now: 1) No matter how much you try to rig the system, it's all but impossible to beat the house. 2) Stacking the deck with young arms is a mistake unless you're really willing to work out trades before they hit the majors. 3) Always build your organization around position players. They're safer and matter more on a daily basis.
  7. People already have died. He mocked them, because that's who he is.
  8. good grief Vandy. don't be simplistic. Julio is going into his age 30 season, he is still in his prime. With health, he probably still has 3 yrs in his prime. He is gonna fall off. I think you would agree that the three receivers listed above are some of the all-time greats. While all three had some productive years after age 32 - you can see w/ all of them the consistency and ability to be at THE TOP of the profession past that age - there is a dropoff. Father time is undefeated. The next three years, with health, Julio should maintain his elite status. If we extend Julio out to age 33, 34, 35 - there is going to be a dropoff - it will happen - regardless of any pithy comments you make. I believe Julio can be like these three guys above - Fitz/Rice/TO - in that he can be productive in the "drop-off" years - but I don't believe he will be elite in those drop-off years - he won't be at the top of the NFL then - but if the extension goes past those years at $20mm/yr - we could be paying him as so.
  9. Normally I would do the same, but the way most of our young pitchers have been getting bashed, I'm thinking trade him.
  10. But coaches can bounce ANYTIME they want on a program and get paid while doing it. Sometimes they don't even COACH A BOWL game because they done took another gig.......
  11. Now you know why his "I took a trip on MARTA story" was a bald faced lie! This guy is a provocateur, or as we used to call it, a **** starter! He can't help it, and now he is out and proud of it. People are going to die (in the USA) if this rhetoric is not toned all the way down!!! Edit: Plus, his stated MO is to get ABF shut down because he is STILL butthurt from years ago! This guy is not here to discuss anything in good faith! He is who he always was!
  12. Oh, word? ICE Tried To Deport This U.S. Citizen And Marine Veteran Or.. Born in Philadelphia, U.S. citizen says he was held for deportation to Jamaica at ICE’s request I can go on....
  13. Or Blank knows TD will get it done and knows Julio is important to the organization.
  14. Compare their histories though. Zeke and Hill. One man has a history of least a greater history. One man had no video or audio evidence. One man did. One man got 6. One man got 0. Doesn't add up. Also at that time Jerruh was very outspoken and plotting out oust Goodell...
  15. says it all right there.
  16. I think the boldness with which Steve avows racist themes comes directly from the normalization of the behavior by Trump, his administration, and his remaining supporters. It's OK now. They're protected. They have a community. The very real, long term effects will be so harmful for minority communities. Much more so with every shrugging day that passes.
  17. I have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe I just can't get into the mindset of screaming racism at everything I disagree with.
  18. Matt Ryan is.a systems qb if anything.
  19. i saw this, now you have to see it.
  20. Wilson, Wright and Touki. Hope I never see them in Atlanta again. Get someone who can help us now and thin this herd.
  21. I completely agree with your philosophy here. Soroka's someone I always felt great about since he's a ground ball pitcher. Power arms get all the headlines, but when you can't locate at 95+, you provide the power for the hitters. You're doing their job for them. With sinkers, you're forcing bats to hit over the ball and drive it into the ground. The learning curve with power pitchers is how well they can make people swing and miss consistently. Folty's a great example of someone who gets tons of strikeouts but doesn't make people miss enough. Mike Minor was a guy who had decent velocity but whose delivery and movement would get tons of swinging strikes. None of the other kids we tanked to get really have that yet.
  22. if hes not a double digit sack guy he won't be sniffing a 2nd contract here with all the baggage.
  23. If you say it every year you will be right. If you say he wont every year you will be wrong. Folks playing the waiting game on julio
  24. You are a racist, and you're spreading racist tropes on this message board. There's no place for that here, or anywhere.
  25. Shouldn't you be looking for another lie to post.
  26. Yes I am very politically opinionated but I have been going out of my way to to not engage in flame wars and follow the CoC to the best of my ability. You're stuck with me. You can't get rid of people just because you don't like their opinion. Yes I received warnings and I am abiding by those warnings. Maybe one day you'll see the light and say "Oh...SB was right!". I'm not holding my breath though.
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