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  2. I hope him as another HC candidate is not possible because I would feel bad for that franchise. I'd buy OC again, but even that thought makes me squirm and feel uneasy, but I understand this league and why they hire in familiarity. Koetter, went 9-7 (missing the playoffs) his first season, followed by back to back 5-11 seasons. If he gets hired as a HC again expect my @JDaveG was right and WFW was wrong apology, but I just don't see it.
  3. "I thought I could."
  4. at least the players that 'indulge' would have a new source
  5. I am certain that the break up was mutual.
  6. After getting smoked by the Rams for their fifth straight loss, Julio gave an emotional speech in the Falcons locker room supporting coach Dan Quinn. "This man has done everything for us. ... It’s on us." (via Zach Klein)
  7. Yep, he needs to just stop wasting people's time and money and call it a football career. He's gotten paid very well during his career so far. Time to do something else that he actually enjoys.
  8. Been saying this for a while, I will never fully understand the Vic defenders here other than they'd rather deflect to Takk. This is a sad indictment tho...but all truth. I still think someone takes a flier on him for a late round pick but wouldn't be shocked if he rode out the season with us.
  9. If they get Ray or Orchard or one of those guys, I'm very serious, cutting Vic might save Takk's career. Takk has been tweeting out some nonsense. If he's producing I don't care what he tweets within reason. But he isn't. Someone needs to show him "talent isn't enough -- you have to work." Shipping out his 8th overall pick bookend might send that message.
  10. Stupid. Looked at his $13MM cap hit this time last year and were perfectly fine taking this on. You gotta live with it now. Dumb F*cks
  11. You’re right, that same GM probably would have drafted him, but considering he said it was felt Atlanta over drafted, I’d guess that same GM wouldn’t have drafted him that high
  12. yeah, and he'll actually start getting some PI calls now, whether or not they're legit, he'll get em now
  13. I am going to continue believing that there is a market out there for him until the trade deadline. I just, I just kinda need this little something to look forward to, ya know?
  14. Just because he isn't playing well doesn't mean he doesn't have passion for the game. I would wager he is thinking too much and not reacting. That is the issue with entire defense. No matter what level you play football at, if you are thinking too much out there and not letting your instinct rule the game it kills your game. This seems to be the entire issue with the defense. Look at the players, none of them seem to know what they are doing out there. They've been playing football their whole life, they know how to play. This can go back to last year when the injuries started and all the guys they brought in to play, all struggled to adjust to the defense. This defense was not complicated in 2016 or 2017. Something changed that sent these guys into confusion. If it was just Beasley you can pin it on him. It's not. It's everyone.
  15. No coach should be afraid to cut bait with any player that isn’t performing
  16. Nah...don't give me that "everybody thought they overdrafted him" thing. That same "AFC exec" probably would have drafted him back then. Hindsight is always 20/20. That draft class was filled with underachievers so you can say that for about 70% of the first round picks that year. Saying that, I know he had questions about his "dog" tenacity or lack of it going into the draft and I know he loves basketball...So yeah, he may not love the game. At least Quinn has officially manned up about him and is trying to cut ties. Beasley should have shame for not showing up for OTAs when Quinn essentially was the only one that still believed in him. Beasley did this to himself. All that physical ability and athleticism for nothing.
  17. Someone post the savage gif. This deserves it
  18. I disagree. Another big salary for a talented player who is showing growth that is homegrown is what you pay. Even if you are rebuilding. UNLESS you get a top 60 pick for him. I keep saying that. You can let Hooper walk and get a 3rd round comp pick, so you need to be over compensated if you're moving him now. You trade Hooper, you have nothing at TE. Stocker needs to be cut this offseason. That leaves you with Jaeden Graham. Julio and Ridley at WR. Freeman needs to be cut. So at that point you've pretty much rendered the offense to Matt, Julio, Ridley, Gage, Graham, and Ito. You definitely aren't winning a SB with those guys as your core. You'd have to invest in a new TE, whether it's a contract or a high enough pick to get one or a WR to replace Hooper/Sanu completely. That's why I keep saying a 3rd is not worth it.
  19. In the real world that would have never happened. He should be happy Quinn is the only person on the planet that had faith in him. Well Quinn and the hard nosed homers
  20. you know, I am too. With the number of GA players on the Pats, and now a guy I've grown to really like the last few years. I might now wish so much bad luck on them now
  21. Smitty cut Ray Edwards after paying more money. DQ, you are next, so Vic and stay Edwards can hang out in a bar.
  22. Well, maybe he's the guy. Can he cover? Because he'll be asked to cover in this scheme. It seems to me Quinn is trying to run more 3-4 principles, disguising which side (Takk or Beasley) is rushing in order to keep the defense off balance. Maybe we need to go back to more 4-3 principles, though we have always used 3-4 principles on the line even running a straight 4-3. But maybe another guy to come in and compete can make this work. I'm down with whatever at this point. This isn't a Super Bowl year, so let's start figuring out the path forward.
  23. That’s the thing though. A lot of people fell for that one year and thought that’s who he was. He’s always been the same guy he’s showing to be today. The only thing he had in 2016 was a veteran in his ear pushing him and showed him the way. If he truly had passion it would have stuck with him and there wouldn’t be a new thread started about him every 3 hours. He lacks passion for football man. It may be part mental but overall he lacks passion. If that’s not true then he needs to prove that theory that everyone except a few people realize wrong. I was honestly hoping he would prove us doubters wrong this year and shut us up but he doesn’t have what it takes to do that
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