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  2. 5 times the offense gives him a "much deserved" W smh
  3. You just mentioned players we cut this year because they were overpaid. You haven't even see them play on another team yet they're already a mistake made by TD? Hold on a sec while I laugh at you
  4. Donladson nearly grand slammed that
  5. $$ money well spent!!!’
  6. And the most undeserving win of the year goes to. Puke Jackson
  7. BRAVO!!!!!
  8. So.was literally every personnel office. Ari gave him a 2 yr 4.6m deal. He got all of.1.6m in 2013. 31 other teams wish they had offered 2m
  9. That was a nice ending. Get a ******* closer though. edit: lmao @ that Donaldson smile
  10. braves win!
  11. Game Over!!!!’
  12. 23 MILLION
  13. **** the Nationals!!!
  14. Yes!!! A much deserved win for L. Jackson
  15. Braves and Yankees reportedly the top teams on Minor. Both have scouts on him tonight.
  16. Bringer of Rain needs to bring us a win!!
  17. Why are they allowing the Gnats a ******* hour out there to waste time for Doolittle?
  18. I would think all players want to play for a Super Bowl contender, but wanting to play for a Super Bowl contender was not what the fan base was furious about back then, me included. In 1994, when we let him walk, we made no honest attempt to try to keep him. The Smiths were too cheap to pay him big money and that was why we were so mad. The Smiths were horrible owners.
  19. Unless they are in the Chophouse.
  20. End this JD!
  21. Just don't need Donaldson to hit one a 100mph + right at someone.
  22. sack fly wins it donald
  23. Come on JD!!!!
  24. Freddie needs to clutch tf up here, he's been ice cold since the ASB.
  25. free a single wins it!
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