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  2. This simply cannot be true. Many on these boards think that TD hasn't/can't draft the trenches.
  3. I do too. His burst/power was plenty good vs Indy and other teams. Just don’t think Koetter schemes the run game nearly as well as he does the pass Start at 1:20
  4. ::single tear falls down capitalist boot strap::
  5. Performative masculinity a new phrase I learnt today. Used in a sentence I think it would go like. A bunch of boomers have fallen for Donald trumps performative masculinity and are willing to sacrifice everything they said they loved about this country for him. be gentle. Engrish is my second language. thank you
  6. Not sure it means anything at all, but Pro Football Reference says after analyzing last year, we are no longer really a WCO. They now list us as Air Coryell Offensive Coordinator: Dirk Koetter Defensive Coordinator: Dan Quinn Other Notable Asst.: Greg Knapp (Quarterbacks), Raheem Morris(Asst. HC/WR Coach/Passing Game Coord.), Mike Mularkey (Tight Ends) and Bob Sutton (Senior Defensive Asst.) Principal Owner: Arthur Blank General Manager: Thomas Dimitroff Offensive Scheme: Air Coryell Defensive Alignment: 4-3 Preseason Odds: Super Bowl +3000; O/U: 8.5
  7. You'll be waiting long time for that to happen. Seems like he is already doing the Titans dirty, after half assing it here for the last few years. Really seems like a player that doesn't want to play.
  8. Last 2 weeks in July 100,000 children caught the virus and Trump tweets 'we need to play football.'
  9. A person is smart and people are dumb. And that’s what you’re seeing right there omega. Is a bunch of group think brought to you by a bunch of anti science lunatics. Much like yourself.
  10. I will swear in to office with my hand on the communist manifesto.
  11. Well sir, if you don't know what the truth is half the time or your right hand from your left, do you think WFW can really help you?
  12. And he killed a cheetah with his bare hands...wait, wrong guy me thinks. Steve, are you out there?
  13. I try to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god . . . right hand raised . . . left hand on a bible.
  14. After going back and rewatching last years gms. I would agree with TD on Freeman still having gas in the tank. And that was with a not so good OL.
  15. Thank god because believe me, you do not want to mess with that guy. He is whip-smart and big as an oak tree and legend has it he can scale a sheer mountainside one-handed without any ropes and also his depth perception is impeccable.
  16. I think so. As you’ve noted, we gotta run the ball, and the OL seems built for it.
  17. Man I really hope we have a season. I understand there are challenges and difficulties, but we could all use something to watch and feel(somewhat) normal this fall!
  18. snak The Dude got here in the mail today, but the tiny gay republican grandpa came to stay through tomorrow since the toddler's daycare is closed till Wednesday when they start the new school year. Gonna try to sneak in and plug it and the ibanez mini AD tonight.
  19. Member when it was a proxy war when another administration sent over representatives and taxpayer dollars to defeat Netanyahu? It happens all the time, and both directions.
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