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  2. great to see he still has a sense of humor.. i just had a friend avoid major heart issue with having 3 stints put in to help with blockage.. it's tough.. i have had great friends who were in terrific shape with heart problems.
  3. A play on the word 'Millennials' now that I look at it it wasn't that funny, mostly because it's true.
  4. Ok we see you are an Offensive Guru and a great Coach. I will give DQ credit for recognizing that. You got us to the SB! You made MR the MVP You made Devontae Freeman think he was the best RB in the league and that forced TD to give DF a super contract. You brought in Gabriel After the Browns cut him and you knew how to use that speed merchant. You had the nation watching AB dance. Ok you b You got a rich 7 year contract with the 49's. You have the 49's 6-0 while we are getting stomped. BUT SHANNY MAN We had the SB won. Then you had to show your ego and try to out fox two future Hall of Famer's when you didn't have to. DQ didn't stop you. Your selfish ego stuck the dagger in the organization, the city, the state, and the region's heart. Now we may never win a SB. The F O can't function well without you. AB is getting older and we have a mess on our hands. Shanny because you helped give it away you need to come back and fix this. It is only right, I'm sure AB will pay you whatever $$$$ you want. They say you were blunt maybe this is what the F O needs. SHANNY MAN!
  5. FOs fault where’s that myth coming from. This is purely on the HC no one else.He wanted this guy he got him.
  6. I would just like to note that if you ever got Falcon's ink and now regret it because they have become an embarrassment of sorts, well that's on you.
  7. Wish we traded two firsts and the Jags choice between Trufant or Kettle cooked chips. Ramsey is a dog.
  8. Yup. It is not always the calls that are is the ones that are not that make a difference. Case in point yesterday....the roughing the passer call was bad......strait garbage....a fireable offense. But what was worse were the MULTIPLE missed blows to the head and the High/low hits on Ryan.
  9. It was there issue with the both of them coming out.When we Draft we got to get away from drafting athletes and get us some football players if there athletic great but no more Workout Warriors.
  10. Schweitzer is our Garland. Multi purpose guy. I really wish he could block or at least help our QB up after he got him injured.
  11. I just think if given the oppurtunity to be an everyday player he will succeed. He looked like a different player after his stint in the minors last year. I know it wasnt for a long period of time but he appeared to have figured something out with his swing. I like the passion he brings to the game. I'm not saying just give him a spot but let him know he has a legit oppurtunity to earn a spot and see what he can do. He was a .272 hitter in 18 and a .299 hitter in 17. He may never be an all-star but we also need productive roll players and he may be able to give us more than the likes of Markakis/Duvall/Joyce/ etc
  12. Like Filler? Lol. I'm lost
  13. I don’t think that I can handle that much suck in one week.
  14. Yep and that’s a crime right there.
  15. Meant Jake Matthew's. I know Carpenter didn't save anything. Could've sworn Brown did. Guess not.
  16. They took him out so he didn't get killed out there, that's how bad it is. The Rams for God's sake! At our current pace we should see another *shot* at the Super Bowl in 2039. By then the PSls may be worth what they cost in 2015, probably not.
  17. Based on exactly what and what position?
  18. You're not allowed to make any moves until 5 days after the World Series ends when free agency opens.
  19. Falcons put LB Vic Beasley on trade block They could have saved all that money by not signing him in the first place. The front office has NO clue.
  20. I cannot imagine that scenario. But I agree that if we were in some alternate reality treated like the Pats we would be so much more successful
  21. Blank knows PR, he's not going to tip his hand as to his plans, and he has plans, but we have no idea what they are or what is going on behind the scenes, like PT Barnum AB wants butts in those seats, amazing he can get MBS filled for a ***** soccer game and not the nations greatest sport, people like AB don't like to lose and while he has a successful soccer team that don't mean ***** at the social club.
  22. Can you imagine if the referees treated the Falcons the same way they treat the Patriots?!? Julio would get treated better on pass interference calls, we wouldn't get all the penalties called on us like we do. We wouldn't have gotten cheated in the Cardinals game even after the review etc.
  23. Yeah he says if he on his **** it would have been scary..well we can say they same if the offense was full turbo we light him up matt dont care who on julio..hes getting fed.
  24. I mean, did you even watch the game? Julio had him twisting/turning in circles. Matt just couldn’t get the ball to him.
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