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  2. This. Not defending anyone really on this 2019 defense but Vic has been a ghost. Not sure how anyone can defend him or prop him up over anyone else. He's awful and carries a much much steeper cap hit.
  3. It was just an example, it isn’t much better after game one. Takk is low curling and average to below average guy. The new Coach should get some good players on DL.
  4. The Democrats are deeply uninspiring, the media's made a million promises about Trump that never pay off, and the media's going to say whoever's running against Trump is doing better than him in the polls, all of which makes it feel like the Democrats and the media are just playing the same game they lost in 2016. It doesn't really even look like any of them understand that Trump's going to try to win by splitting the base for the Democrats, not just trying to make himself more popular.
  5. The only guarantees you have with the Falcons is they are going to find a way set some horrible record, waste someone's prime, and find a away to let the fans down. We call it Atlanta Failures Football for a reason
  6. The two punts in the game yesterday were Vic playing smart. Sure he sucked like rest of the team for most of the game. But if it was Takk, it would have been easy first downs.
  7. Was very fitting for the lions
  8. why cant we get any sacks i dont understand its like our dline is cursed we cant even luck into sacks its like other teams oline become brick walls against us its crazy ever dline player that comes here become trash even bailey who was a decent rusher last year cant get one smh
  9. Happened one game and haven’t seen Takk lose contain since.
  10. Honestly? Not with Dimitroff still here. We have coaching issues. We have personnel issues. They overlap. Quinn makes the final decisions on the roster, and he uses (and apparently trusts) the information the scouting department is giving him. Quinn will coach again. At least as a DC. He isn't an idiot. But this isn't working, and I'd wager a large part of that is we don't have the players in the front 7, despite him and TD drafting most of them, to make his defense (or any defense) work. The back 4 is no great shakes either, but he inherited at least one of those guys, and Sheffield has looked decent, so I'm going to give him a bit of a pass there. The Beasley/Takk experiment, however, is over. Either those guys can't play, or Quinn can't get them to play (more likely), or they won't play (most likely). In any event, he can't go anywhere with this personnel, and since he drafted this personnel along with TD, I don't expect another draft to change that. They'll pick the wrong guys again.
  11. B2B2B winning seasons was Smitty man.
  12. At least takk isn't getting his ankles took so bad that he's having to take plays off for injury.
  13. The time is right for Goff to build up his confidence.
  14. Probably some merit to it. Seems Kirby is ill prepared for any crucial end game calls on offense. Immediately what comes to mind is the fake punt in SECCG and example in this game we just had. You have to be extremely decisive and be thinking 1-2 plays ahead as best you can.
  15. Was harsh w/ the troll response so apologize but yeah those stats weren't factoring in last night. Still they are much more balanced and would have scored a lot more points if it wasn't for their players dropping tds and the refs blowing several calls (PI on the deep bomb). I rather have a balanced offense than an offense with a lot of garbage time yards.
  16. How? Takk is the worst Edge defender letting RB bounce outside. Dalvin Cook Should buy Takk a Flat screen TV for making it a career day in Min.
  17. I did, everyone saw that ol collapse once they traded unger and ran with a bunch of 6th rounders.
  18. Vic is the worst defender on the team. Takk and Oliver have more impact than him
  19. Texans fans really out there thinking Watson is elite now just cuz he murdered our sorry *** defense lmao. Then he went and played well against the second worst D.
  20. Im so ready for us not to need the middle east for oil. It's nonstop drama and war. Just move on to green energy and let them fight among themselves forever without us being in the middle of the squabbles.
  21. I think it's more of a sentiment of "Well, how are the Democrats going to manage to **** this one up?" And you can't blame them. Most here are Atlanta sports fans so we came about that sentiment honestly.
  22. The guy likes to ask opinions of other posters, what's wrong with that? Usually the questions are valid and get people discussing pertinent issues with the Falcons. This one is kind of...out there though.
  23. That's what you get when you double down $13MM on a guy who's had 5 sacks or less in 75% of his seasons played.
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