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  2. Although I don’t want him, I can see Quinn and Dimitroff using Sarkisian and Flood to get inside information on Jonah Williams w/o it being leaked out to the media.
  3. One primary offender moreso than others
  4. There you go with facts again. You stop that!
  5. What Trump's done is treason, it doesn't take the Mueller report to know that
  6. You know I’m in that camp as well. I’m pulling for him. But the all or nothing threads in here on Hageman have gotten ridiculous.
  7. Folks can easily argue a lot of stuff, but doesn’t make them right...
  8. I just want him to add to the competition. If he makes it I’m cool. If he doesn’t I’m cool. I just believe in second chances. I got one and made the best of it. Ppl don’t like giving second chances until they need one. Then it’s a different story. Him being in camp can’t hurt at all. But it can show if he can be an asset. And it still doesn’t change draft plans. If they want Oliver they will still get him. That’s why I want anyway. I want shede to make it AND we still grab Oliver. Just makes us stronger up front. My take anyway.
  9. TB should, but they should have drafted Derwin James last year too...
  10. They'd be crazy not to. Him and Lavonte would make a stout tandem.
  11. Touki was sent to AAA, Bryse Wilson called up.
  12. In all of DQ's drafts there has been one or two players he's drafted that wasn't reported that we had interest in. In this year's draft I believe that player is Khalen Saunders. It's a position of need and he could be in play. I really think we stay at 14 and go OL. Saunders would be a good pick in rd 3.
  13. One thing I’ve learned in life in general is nerve count anybody out. One thing you can’t measure is heart. The odds are against him but if he’s anything like me he’ll prove all naysayers wrong. And the Vick thing does have a little credibility because neither fame back from injury. Vick has his best completion percentage after being out of the league for two years. He played the position better than he ever did as a falcon as a passer. That’s a fact. But he also changed his approach to the game and actually watched film. I don’t know if hag will make it but I do know he was never injured. If he kept himself in decent shape it won’t be all that difficult for a non injured player to come back. Ricky williams did it after 4 years out of the league. Hag is an athletic freak so he already had an edge over players that aren’t so physically blessed. The last thing is he’s not expected to be a main piece. Just a rotational piece that helps. Like he was when he was first here. His signing doesn’t change the draft and I still hope they get Oliver. If hag works out he makes the from rotation stronger. Especially on run sets. If anything all he needs to do is out muscle guys in the run game. Like you I’ve watched enough football as well as playing for a long time myself to know that the unexpected happens too. Comebacks happen. Second chances happen. Ppl have made the best of comebacks. OJ Anderson was counted out. Randall Cunningham was counted out. Robert Edwards came back after they said he wouldn’t walk again and might have to get his leg amputated. The deck is stacked against him no doubt and he’s at the bottom but I at least think he can beat out Zimmer and Bennet. That’s who he’s competing with. Plaxeco came back after what? 4 years and played decent. I’m not disagreeing with your take. Just stating that it’s not an impossible feat.
  14. I like pibb xtra.
  15. Agree...Petty boorish behavior on both sides.
  16. Also, we should stop saying there was “no collusion”. There was definitely collusion. There wasn’t a criminal conspiracy (thankfully). I think it’s important to be clear about that.
  17. Most seem to be in this camp It's only a couple weirdos on the board who are acting like either he's amazing and this is a gamechanging signing or he sucks and this is a terrible move Both camps should be equally ignored
  18. Come on, no criminal collusion/conspiracy means that everything Trump and his campaign did was completely cool and on the up and up. That’s exactly why everyone, including Trump, lied over and over again about any contacts they were having with Russia.
  19. Bosa? He only comes into play if he falls a few spots, unless the Niners draft Williams and the Jets don't force a team to sell the farm for #3.
  20. Is it a PS4 pro? If not, I don’t think you’ll get above HD. I watched it on the roku app through Amazon Prime and the resolution appeared way better than watching it on my PS4.
  21. Don't encourage him. He's been doing the same thing about RB. But everytime someone replies he won't say the name "so other teams don't steal him". This is the same guy that thought James Stone was a franchise center.
  22. Oh well............
  23. That Greg Maddux guy was a good Braves farm hand too! But for real, you need a good mix of home grown and trade/FA talent.
  24. The other part of the partisan predictions is the dead-level certainty with which people express them. “Wait until Mueller report comes out...TREASON!! He’ll go to jail for TREASON!!” There is zero effort to look at the uncertainly underlying that “prediction”. It’s “THIS WILL HAPPEN”, not “based on the evidence we have, I believe this will happen but recognize we don’t have all the facts and it might not be true”. Like I said, it’s transparent that these “predictions” are nothing more than what the person WANTS to happen. So the person should just come out and say “I want this to happen”, not “you just wait and see, this is going to absolutely positively undeniably happen.”
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