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  2. The Falcons making Ramsey the top paid corner in the league while they have 0 pass rush would be a waste.
  3. Get out of Gitmo free cards better be in there. The newest Qanon thing is that Marines just rescued 2100 children from underground bases in California where they were being scared to harvest their adenochrome. Which, is, you know, like half of the plot to Monsters, Inc.
  4. Hmmm... I like that pick, I think number 44 is available for him.
  5. I think a lot of this selling away 1st round draft picks is Stan Kroenke stressing trying to ensure that he's able to fill that historically expensive new stadium and entertainment complex when they open next season. Rams will be in bad shape in 2 seasons.
  6. I still don’t know why the **** we’re paying Schaub so much to hold a clipboard. He’s just lucky Benkert got hurt.
  7. Some of yall obviously don't watch Ramsey play. The guy is a total stud. QBs avoid him because he covers well, catches well, and tackles really well. There's a lot more to playing CB than just covering a man. Sadly, Trufant cannot catch or tackle. Oliver can't even cover. So to act like Ramsey would somehow be a waste on our team is just insane. EDIT: Also, if you've watched the Jags this year (I have), then you'd know that their defense has been MUCH WORSE without Ramsey on the field.
  8. @mdrake34 you know you want them
  9. But at least he can knock the crap out of whoever has the ball.
  10. who gets added to the 40 man roster to protect them from the rule 5 draft?
  11. True either ways it’s crazy when your comparison is to Trufant.
  12. I seriously hope next year he doesn't care ~ far, far away from here. I've had my fill of Vic Bustley. I hope he gets canned from his next team inside of one season and ends up out of football. He doesn't deserve to even be in the game with his give a shlt attitude.
  13. Well, then the future is brighter than I thought.. but still, I want Nick back.. even if I’m in the minority..
  14. That'd require the Falcons FO to be intelligent
  15. New flash I showed you, out of 14 OBJ targets Ramsey covered him on 7. Keep peddling the myths.
  16. Newsflash smart guy: Ramsey travels with #1 WRs. Trufant shadows a side of the field. Plus theres a big difference in passer rating allowed. Let's look at the WRs he covered: Hopkins twice, TY Hilton twice, Larry Fitzgerald twice, OBJ, Tyreek Hill Trufant partially covered: Michael Thomas twice, Mike Evans twice, AB Davante Adam's and AJ Green His division has more marquee matchups than Trufant sees all year. And Trufant doesnt even cover the #1 guy. Remember famously when AJ was being covered by Oliver when he gave up a game winner last season to AJ Green. The difference is obvious to anyone that actually pays attention.
  17. Chalk that up to Trufant dropping 7 INTs last year lol.
  18. I mostly agree, as long as there is a transformational talent (according to the GM) where we pick. Don't see a problem trading down from that high up otherwise tho
  19. I don’t know what winning match up actually means but Takk has grand total of 10 pass rush disruptions (sacks+Hits+hurries). Vic has 7, Clayborne has 7 and Bailey has 2. All of them finally caught up to Khalil Mack who has same number of disruptions as all of our DE. Too bad Mack played only 5 games while these clowns played 6. There are 4 rookies who have more pass disruptions than our DE. @Knight of God is right, there is no disruption in pass rush and Takk isn’t better either.
  20. I think Blank will default to the potential new GM/HC especially if Ryan doesn’t fit the new system. Love Ryan, but he isn’t getting any younger. And while he is limited physically I still believe he has one of the best minds in the NFL. Drafting Tua to learn under him could set us up for another decade after Ryan rides off into the sunset.
  21. He's really good. There's very little separation between the two defensively.
  22. Plus a 78.5 and 91 passer rating is a huge difference lol
  23. I hate being on the same side as them on any issue. Though I seriously doubt that it's for the same reasons. They don't give a dusty f**k about authoritarianism. They just see a chance to point out hypocrisy in those who have dared to call out their Dear Leader in the past.
  24. I’m not disagreeing that Ramsey is better, I think he is too. But everyone wants to act like he’s a Greek god and the lord and savior combined compared to Tru when that’s just not...true. I honestly think Tru is a better man-to-man corner, and so was Alford. Forcing them to switch to being zone corners ruined them somewhat IMO. Neither were ideal fits for the Seattle style defense. Now on the Sherman/Seattle thing, it’s possible he could thrive more than Sherman, but Sherman has a very distinct style of play. He’s super physical at the line and basically everywhere after that, but his IQ is really what separated him from the really good, and even the great CBs at the time, to being the unquestioned best. This is coming from a guy that doesn’t even like Sherman, I just respect his game, even though I do think he gets away with a lot of grabbing.
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