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  2. So has Jacob Webb been abducted by aliens or something?
  3. Gonna have to do to the bullpen what Dan Quinn did to the offensive line this off-season. Keep a couple, nuke the rest, a grab a bunch.
  4. He AJed in his pants this outing. This folty sucks.
  5. We also need some hitters that don't wet the bed vs the Nats.
  6. They need to send him back to AAA. Or make him an add-in for Mychal Givens with Baltimore. Minter is broken. Minter and Folty are mentally broken.
  7. Nats have the worst BP, right?
  8. Minter is automatic bases loaded this year. He sucks.
  9. Minter might be sent to AAA for Gausman tomorrow. He looks pretty rough right now.
  10. I especially like the 3 fatass grounds crew members just sitting there while the camera guy has to hold him up with 1 hand and this camera with the other.
  11. We need a new bullpen.
  12. Flowers and AJ
  13. Thanks AJ, you scrub
  14. what tha? I look up and they now down by 2 runs with the nats looking for more...
  15. Awful Joke
  16. Donaldson almost killed himself.
  17. It stands for Awful ******* sack of **** .
  18. and minter gonna want more money come arbitration
  19. Minter looked good when he first came back. He has not looked good since.
  20. Awe Jacob
  21. Can't trust none of them non-Swarzak dudes in the pen. Maybe Newcomb.
  22. I'm sorry call me what you want but you just can not expect your offense to score 5 runs a game in order to not lose. It's pathetic and there is nothing in this system that's going to fix it.
  23. Does anyone know what A J stands for?
  24. And now the passed ball that these guys usually do as soon as **** starts to go sideways. They literally can not stop, take a breath and help themselves.
  25. Flowers comes in and it all goes to ......
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